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Did Jim Harbaugh's Michigan Contract Just Spill That He Was Cheating

Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh is one of the biggest NFL head coaching targets during this year's cycle, but he could return to Michigan. 

Michigan will likely have to give Harbaugh a contract extension to stay with the program, and there is a kicker in the deal. 

This is very interesting from the man who said he didn't cheat and knew nothing about the sign-stealing scandal. He now wants immunity from anything happening to him in his contract if the NCAA decides to take action. 

Usually, when you know you did something wrong, you try to take some deal to make sure the punishment isn't that bad, and this is what Harbaugh is doing. 

Everyone knows the man was cheating, but now he confirms it. The Big Ten suspended him for the last three regular-season games due to having objective evidence against him and the program. Still, people in Ann Arbor could only wrap their brains around simple information, and now they will have a hard time with their head coach wanting immunity so he doesn't get punished when the NCAA drops the hammer on him. 

Harbaugh was supposed to run and hide to the NFL so he wouldn't get hit with the NCAA sanctions but now he is realizing there is a real possibility that he has to return to school, and he is making sure he doesn't take any of the blame for his cheating scandal. 

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