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Jim Harbaugh Is About To Run And Hide

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh will run and hide from the NCAA. Harbaugh is expected to meet with the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday for their head coaching job. 

Harbaugh to the NFL has been going on for a while now, and it looks like it will happen. 

Harbaugh has been considering a move to the NFL for several years while continuing his successful tenure at Michigan. However, the circumstances indicate a more definitive shift this time. 

Harbaugh had a crazy 2023 season, suspended twice for two violations, but ended up winning it all. 

Michigan is in the middle of a cheating investigation that led to the Big Ten suspending Harbaugh for the last three regular season games. The NCAA must review all their evidence and see if they will do anything else. 

Due to the ongoing investigation, Michigan may face severe sanctions, including the potential to vacate wins. 

Harbaugh knows if he runs to the NFL, he will not be hit with anything the NCAA will hand out and will get off easy. 

We saw USC head coach Pete Carroll do this about 15 years ago. He ran to the NFL and took the Seattle Seahawks job when USC was about to get hit with a hammer for paying Reggie Bush. 

Harbaugh is on the same path, and he isn't going to stick around at Michigan and see what the NCAA will do.

I am curious to know if Harbaugh knew about the sign stealing, but people in his program did and were doing it, so it falls back on the head coach. 

Harbaugh is still a fantastic head coach, and returning to the NFL should help with his image after he leaves one of the dirtiest programs in all of sports. 

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