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Definitely NOT The Same Old Jags

Jaguars fans fearful things remain the same despite the changes made this off season.

As the final seconds ticked away the Jacksonville Jaguars fell to 0-1 losing their season opener for the third straight year. Fans took to social media to express their thoughts about the game. “Here we go again” “Why did I get my hopes up for this season” “Same Old Jags SMH”. But I am here to assure you, this is definitely NOT the same old Jags.

From the opening drive you could see a confidence in this team that we haven’t seen since the days of Jimmy & Fred! Trevor Lawrence led a 9 play 60 yard drive that led to a Patterson 33 yard field goal. This drive alone could be considered enough to show those watching this was not the team of old. The Commanders responded with a scoring drive of their own, taking a 7-3 lead. As the first half continued the Commanders lead & penalties against the Jaguars began to pile up. The Commanders entered half time with a 14-3 lead over Jacksonville. The Jags needed to adjust quickly if they had any hopes of getting back into this one.

The Jaguars Went Into Half Time Needing A Boost

Now I’m not entirely sure what Doug Pederson said in his half time speech, but I can only guess it rivaled Miami Sharks head coach Tony D’Amato’s speech prior to them facing off against the Knights in Any Given Sunday because the Jaguars came out on fire! Washington received the ball to start the half and Jacksonville’s pass rush finally woke up as #1 overall pick Travon Walker tallied his first sack of the regular season forcing Wentz & company into a 3rd and 20 situation ultimately resulting in a punt. The Jaguars offense must have also been present during this meeting as Lawrence orchestrated a 6 play 80 yard drive that ended in a James Robinson receiving touchdown for the Jags first score of the season!

It would seem that the cardiac cats were in-fact back as the defense forced another punt giving their offense the ball with a chance to cut the lead! Now had the Jaguars took the field, went 3 & out, and punted the ball right back I might have agreed with the “same old Jags” comments. Instead they knocked off an 11 play drive resulting in a Patterson field goal cutting the lead to 1 as we approached the end of the 3rd quarter!

“Well I hear you Ken but THEN they probably came out and let Wentz dot them up and..” NO! No they didn’t, instead the 2022 Jaguars defense stood strong. And that #1 overall pick I mentioned earlier? The one that sacked Wentz in the opening drive of the 2nd half? He decided enough was enough, on what was one of the best plays of the weekend. On 2nd & 1 Jaguars rookie edge rusher Travon Walker engaged outside leverage with a long arm bull rush only to jump back inside intercepting Wentz as he attempted to throw the screen underneath! “This play is unbelievable. There is no doubt this guy will be a star” said Brian Baldinger of NFL Network. But the Jags weren’t done yet as the offense took the field and scored on the 1st play from scrimmage!

Now for those of you that are new to Jaguars football, I can tell you first hand the Jacksonville Jaguars have not shown the ability to respond on both sides of the ball since the witch craft that was the 2017 season. The Jaguars would take the lead going into the 4th quarter and I can not begin to do the research needed to tell you the last time that was a thing (outside of any game against Indianapolis in Duval County since 2014).

The Jaguars Must Now Learn How To Finish

The Jaguars would ultimately fall short of victory and that would leave Jags fans sulking in an all to familiar pit of disappointment that most have already decorated to their own liking. Let’s face it, we’ve lived in it for the last decade. But if I were you, I would start packing up those boxes, taking down those posters, cleaning out that refrigerator and moving out from that pit! This Jaguars team is well on its way to reestablishing the pride that this city once felt in the 90’s.

The “Old Jags” Are No More

The “same old Jags” wouldn’t have scored on their opening drive! The “same old Jags” would have laid down at half time! The “same old Jags” wouldn’t have made the adjustments needed to turn things around in the 3rd! The “same old Jags” wouldn’t have DOMINATED the turnover battle! The “same old Jags” wouldn’t have taken the lead late in the game! But THESE new and improved Jags did! These new and improved Jags showed grit! These new and improved Jags showed growth! These new and improved Jags showed the ability to bounce back!

So when you say “same old Jags” I say….. New phone, who dis?

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