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Colts Notebook: Is Michael Pittman Jr. A True Outstanding WR1?

Big-play receivers are essential to the team’s success. The Colts have had the luxury of having a stud receiver on the roster for decades. The current team has a Pro Bowler in the making in Michael Pittman Jr. This young man not only has the NFL pedigree but also puts the work in on and off the field. Let’s look at how most know that “MPJ” is number one in this league.


The Colts Have A Big Target

You can be taught many things in this league, but speed and height are not in those playbooks. Standing at 6’4” and 223 pounds, Michael Pittman Jr. already has an advantage over most corners in the NFL. With a 79-inch wingspan, the Red Zone is one area where he can be one of the dominant players in the league.

Although he has yet to build actual chemistry with a quarterback, that doesn’t stop him from producing. Once compared to Larry Fitzgerald by an unnamed NFL General Manager, the take doesn’t seem quite off. Although that is big shoes to fill, MPJ can make himself that type of resume or maybe even better.

Antoine Winfield Jr: 5’9” Michael Pittman Jr: 6’4” MOSSED 🤯 — PFF (@PFF) November 28, 2021

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Colts’ Pittman Jr. Contributes

Ever since the 2020 season, when Pittman Jr. was drafted 36th overall, he has made strides to become a great competitor. He was fighting his way to the top of the roster behind T.Y. Hilton and Zach Pascal. Starting eight out of the thirteen games in his rookie season, MPJ was a solid option. He was stacking up 40 receptions for just over 500 yards and a solo touchdown.

Then, in the Colts playoff game versus the Bills, Pittman Jr. had a statement game, leading the team in receiving yards. In 2021, he logged his first 1,000-receiving yard season and was on track to continue that trend this year.

#Colts WR: Michael Pittman JR showing to be a handful! 4 catches 91 yards, 1 run 11yards, so far against the #Bills. — Lawrence Owen (@Colts_Law) January 9, 2021

Colts Pittman Jr. Is Still Learning

There is always room for constructive criticism. No, I have never played wide receiver a day in my life, but I see some areas where Pittman Jr. can get better. As big as he is, press-man coverage slows him up on some routes. In this offense (or lack thereof), getting open quickly is essential due to the offensive line and quarterback deficiencies. He’s been working on his excellent routes, but he still needs to open up the windows for the ball to be thrown to him.

He needs to use his wingspan as much as possible and give some distance between himself and the defender to create separation. Reggie Wayne is his position coach, so I have no doubt, Pittman, Jr. will blossom in the future.

Colts’ Outstanding Offensive Duo Is Here

When you think of Colt’s football and wide receiver duo, the first thing in many minds is Marvin Harrison and Regie Wayne. Both legends were number-one receivers in their own right. MPJ has his “Reggie Wayne” in rookie Alec Pierce. A growing one-two punch for Indy, these two will be problems for defenses shortly. Pittman is the outside threat, while Pierce works the middle of the field.

Both are big targets and will soon command attention once Colt’s front office puts a QB in place for the long term and fix the horrible offensive line. It’s unique that these two have combined for almost 1,000 yards seeing how bad the offense has been this season.

Who will step up as #Colts No.2 WR opposite Michael Pittman? An early @nflnetwork look at options, including rookie WR Alec Pierce as a top candidate: — Cameron Wolfe (@CameronWolfe) August 8, 2022


Every star receiver starts slow and then picks up steam. Great receivers can take over games when need be. MPJ has some ways to go, but you can see the brightness in his shine! As long as he stays healthy and hungry, nothing can stop this young man from being a perennial Pro Bowler ad maybe even an All-Pro receiver.

Consistency is vital, and he understands that. To be the best, you must train like the best, whether it be film study, weight training, or drills in practice. Michael Pittman is an actual number-one receiver in this league, and it’s early. That’s amazing! Keep Pushing, Mike; you got this, Champ!

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