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Indianapolis Colt's Seven Round Mock Draft

It's crucial to understand that this draft may be risky, but we have a prime opportunity to select some hidden gems drafting at 15 with the Colts. We cannot afford to be confined by positional needs. We need to be flexible and select the best player available, regardless of their position. Please keep this in mind as you read.

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Round 1 Pick 15

We might see Ballard trade back here, as we all know he loves to do so. However, if a talented player like Brock Bowers is available at pick 15, then we should draft him. Currently, we have mediocre tight-end play from our group of misfits that we call our tight-end room.

Round 2 Pick 46

Before tearing his ACL last year, Jordan Morgan would have been a first-round pick in 2023. He is the most athletic tackle in this draft, and at 6'4" and 311 pounds, he has the potential to take over for the injury-ridden Braden Smith.

Round 3 Pick 82

Jonathan Taylor will not be around forever. It is better to have a replacement now than later, and who better than another Wisconsin alumnus, Braelon Allen? He is 6'2" and 238 pounds and only 20 years old. Just like Taylor, he can handle hits and has the breakaway speed to reach the end zone. He is the perfect goal-line running back, ready to plow through the trenches.

Colts Make A Trade

I believe that the Colts will trade up to the 103rd pick with the New York Giants. I think that the Giants may be willing to move down ten spots to 113th and receive a 2025 5th-round draft pick in return, so that we can select the player we want here at 103.

Round 4 Pick 103

I believe that after trading up, the Colts will select Khyree Jackson, a 6'3" corner from Oregon. He has the potential to be the next Patrick Surtain, though I prefer not to compare players. Khyree Jackson perfectly fits the mold of Patrick Surtain, but he needs to gain some weight as he's currently only 195 pounds. However, he will perform well in Gus Bradley's system.

Round 5 Pick 144

I think Ballard will choose a typical Ballard safety with this pick - someone who is athletic and can play multiple positions. But let's be honest, who wouldn't want a player like that. Interestingly, this particular player played both offense and defense towards the end of the year.

In my opinion, the Colts should draft Sione Vaki from Utah. He is not only versatile on defense, but can also play running back and line up as a wide receiver. He is a multi-talented star and I am excited to see what his RAS score will be.

Round 6 Pick 175

I have the Colts selecting a small school player once again in the upcoming draft. This time, it's Jason Henderson, a linebacker from Old Dominion. Henderson is a versatile player, who possesses the size and speed of a defensive back but can tackle like a linebacker.

He's an All-American linebacker and is an excellent prospect who can cover the field from sideline to sideline. Adding him to the team will be like having a new maniac on board.

Round 7 Pick 206

With the Colts' seventh pick and final pick. I think they should choose Storm Duck as their cornerback. Storm Duck is an excellent player, with a great name. Duck stands at 6'1" and weighs 200 pounds. He's long, fast and a hard hitter. Storm Duck is a ball hawk who will naturally fit in Gus Bradley's defense.


There's a lot of talent in this draft. I did'nt select a defensive end because I trust in our guys. I like Hurricane Dayo and Kwity Paye. If they continue to work we should be okay. There are also a lot of defensive ends in free agency. I know we don't use free agency the most, but Brian Burns wouldn't be a terrible name to look at. I full expect us to resign Pittman and be fine at receiver with adding a veteran free agent with experience.

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