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Alabama Makes Perfect Hire

Kalen Deboer is the perfect hire. No matter what the other fans in the SEC think. Outside the SEC knows that's a damn good hire. He has an impeccable record at 104 wins and 12 losses. Deboer has made every right hire he can. We have lost some players, but we will reload as usual.

Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks

I understand that the past week has been tough for Alabama fans like myself, with some of our best players leaving due to the transfer portal. The situation is frustrating, and I feel that the remaining players have a lot to prove. Despite the lack of faith from others, I'm still confident in being able to reload as usual.

The portal is not just opening for Alabama, Washington is seeing its players join the transfer portal as well. Some promising players to look out for, are Germie Bernard, Parker Brailsford, and Geirean Hatchet. Although Will Rogers has re-entered the portal, I don't think he will start over Milroe. So what's the point of him transferring to Alabama?

Perfect Hire for both Coordinators

DeBoer has assembled an exceptional coaching staff at Alabama, which is one of the best coaching staffs the university has had in a while. Unlike the past, the coach's tenure at Alabama is no longer just a retirement home, but a stepping stone to their desired head coaching job.

Ryan Grubb has followed DeBoer from Washington to rejoin Alabama as Offensive Coordinator. Additionally, DeBoer has hired Kane Wommack, a former colleague from Indiana in 2019, who is coming from South Alabama as the head coach.


I love the hire! Although I'm a bit concerned about the recruits leaving, I believe that everything will work out in the end. We might lose a few games next year, but with the new coaching hires and the potential recruits we're getting from the transfer portal, I'm confident that we'll find a way to win and make the playoffs. It's always tough to follow a legend, but I think we're in good hands with a winner like Kalen Deboer.


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