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Chiefs’ Draft: Day Three WRs You Should Know

Is it even a question that the Chiefs are looking at WR in the upcoming draft? Many believe the Chiefs will grab one or two receivers with their first four picks. This doesn’t even factor in that the Chiefs have twelve total picks in the 2022 draft and could easily move up or down the board if they so choose. However, if the Chiefs choose to address the defense first and bet on the depth of WR in this class, who are some potential sleepers for Day Three? Here are three names to keep an eye on.

Up first, let’s talk about the fastest man at the combine this year, Tyquan Thornton, out of Baylor. Anyone who runs a 4.2 40-yard dash will catch the NFL’s eyes. Several years ago, it was even rumored that the Chiefs may have been interested in Henry Ruggs, but he was drafted much too high for them to make a run at him. So, what does the tape say about Thornton?

Well, rarely do you ever see that 4.2 speed on tape. In fact, despite being in the Big-12 conference, you often see very sticky coverage in relation to Thornton. However, when he does separate from his man, it is almost impossible to catch him. The issue isn’t his deep speed; it comes down to his poor foot speed. Thornton often gets jammed at the line of scrimmage and doesn’t get to take advantage of his straight-line speed.

All that considered, Thornton is 6’2″ and has excellent hands. Under Andy Reid’s coaching staff, which is the best in the league at scheming receivers open, I’m sure there are countless things Thornton could accomplish in this offense. Thornton could go as a late Day Two prospect, but I see him as a Day Three project with immense upside in the right scheme.

Next up is Isaiah Weston out of Northern Iowa. Personally, I think many who are high on Alec Pierce should turn their gaze towards Weston. Granted, Weston is playing against lesser competition at Northern Iowa, but there’s almost nothing to dislike about his tape except the lack of tape.

Weston stands at 6’3″ and runs a 4.42 40-yard dash. Like Thornton, Weston had poor agility scores at his pro-day/combine. However, when you turn on the tape, Weston constantly creates separation versus his defender. He is also much more physical at the point of the catch and can break a tackle or two if he needs to.

The biggest downside to Weston is the unknown. While there is much to like about the athletic upside, there are just as many questions about how he will translate to the NFL. There is very little tape on him, and the level of competition he faced was questionable at best. It’s possible Weston could even go undrafted because of this, but I will certainly be keeping an eye on wherever he lands.

Lastly, my favorite potential sleeper in this draft at the WR position is none other than Bo Melton. Melton played five years at Rutgers, and in that time, he never had a QB who threw for more than 20 touchdowns. Melton is a shining example of a do-it-all WR and would be a terrific fit in the Chief’s system. Melton is fast, twitchy with the ball in his hands, and already a solid route runner. The only thing he really can’t do is block. An easy comparison for him would be Kadarius Toney.

The only downside to Melton is that he is an older prospect and is somewhat on the smaller side physically. At the very least, you will be getting an A+ special teamer. I believe he is worthy of a Day Two pick, but due to his age and the depth of this class, I can easily see him sliding to middle Day Three.

Which Day Three WR prospects do you want to see the Chiefs take in this draft? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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