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Can Patriots’ 2022 Receiving Core Play Free & Focused?

I drive a Ford Escape, My friend drives an Audi, and My brother drives a Mercedes. Who has the best car? All three perform the same function of bringing us from one place to another—the difference is between how much it is. Confidently, I spend the least amount on gas.

The same goes for receiving cores in the NFL. Just because a receiver has the bells and whistles attached does not mean it automatically makes them unstoppable. If having the best pass catcher in the league was the most essential element of the game, the Lions would’ve been a dynasty.

The Patriots have not been known for producing the most elite pass catchers. The only season Belichick had such a thing was when Brady broke every offensive record with Hall of Famer Randy Moss. They lost in the Super Bowl. What does that tell you?

Does Bill want to make Mac into Brady 2.0? God could not make another Tom Brady.

Belichick does not want another Brady; he wants Mac. Mac mimics a lot of Brady’s tendencies and mannerisms. He wins more with his mind than his physical skill. Belichick’s logic comes into the equation when supplying him with receivers.

In the Patriot system, every receiver has the same job, get open. Brady may have favored Edelman more often than not. Still, without guys like Danny Amandola, Troy Brown, or even Brandon LaFell, the offense crumbles. It has been Belichick’s outlook from day one.

The best offenses are not about stacking talent on talent. Most teams with that mentality watch the playoffs from their couches. Instead, it comes down to two things: balance and chemistry.

Does The Patriots’ Receiving Core Have Chemistry?

In high school, varsity teams threw pasta parties to build team bonding skills and develop relationships off the field to enhance their on-field production. Things are a bit different in the big leagues.

Mac Jones took his offense down to Miami a month ago. The group spent a lot of time on the practice fields running routes, catching passes, and learning about one another. Johnny Unitius and Raymond Barry spent hours playing catch during their playing days. They wanted to know everything about each other. They got so good; they could play catch blindfolded, probably.

That was not the only time this group got together for some extra reps. Mac has a different attitude heading into this season, as he showed fans speaking to the media the other day. The sophomore did not like how his rookie campaign ended; he is out for vengeance.

What Does Balance Mean?

Balance is one of the keys to life. Without balance, we fall apart. The same applies to a football team.

An offense with three DeAndre Hopkins or Devante Adams seems excellent on paper but a disaster on Sundays. It becomes easy to gameplan as they all do the same thing. Variety is a good thing.

Belichick has mastered, sort of, stacking an offense full of different types of receivers. Jakobi Meyers fills in as the slot guy, like Julian Edelman. Mac will rely on him for quick yards with hopes of even more YAC. Kendrick Bourne is a skilled route runner who can make incredible cuts, getting open with ease. Devante Parker and Nelson Agholor are the deep threats.

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Patriots nation has gotten a bit spoiled over the past two decades. Six Super Bowls are more than over 80% of the rest of the league’s fans have seen in their lifetime. The team had a few disappointing seasons. How tragic!

It takes time for things to get back to normal after a massive loss in life. Mac Jones sped up the process with his stellar first season. He got an upgrade at WR1, paired with a talented group of pass-catchers, a dominant duo at TE, and an even deeper backfield.

Get outside. Enjoy the sun. Stop complaining.


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