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Buffalo Bills Mock Draft, Rounds Five Through Seven

The 2022 NFL Draft began last evening. Below are the final results of the mock draft that made its debut on Bills Beat a few days ago. This is the final word on the draft before the second day begins. It’s time to get this show on the road. Here’s to the Bills as they work their way through the draft board! Be sure to tune in again tonight!

Charleston Rambo – WR, Miami (Round Five, No. 163)

Charleston Rambo is expected to remain on the draft board past the first few rounds and could be a great fit for the Bills. According to Oliver Hodgkinson of Pro Football Network, “[a]fter a disappointing 2020 season with Oklahoma, he reasserted himself with a standout redshirt senior season for the Hurricanes. Having aced the draft process so far, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him selected early-to-mid Day Three.”

The team could be looking to shore up the strength of the wide receiver position on its roster. The addition of Jamison Crowder will help the Bills after the departure of Cole Beasley. However, drafting a wide receiver would only strengthen the depth chart more. It should be a priority to give Josh Allen as many weapons as possible. Rambo is also willing to block and play on special teams, something the Bills love from their players.

Quentin Lake – S, UCLA (Round Six, No. 185)

Lake is a versatile defender who could prove to be a solid addition with some development. According to The Draft Network, “Quintin Lake has aligned in various places for the Bruins defense and can be classified as a safety. He is a sufficient-level athlete with regards to speed, quickness, and agility”. Handled properly, he could develop into a starter with his wide-ranging abilities.

Versatile defensive backs with talent are worth putting in the time and effort to develop. There is a tremendous amount of upside to this young player, and it could be worth finding it. Lake has a high football IQ and comes from NFL bloodlines as his father was a Pro Bowler. Lake’s size and versatility would make him a really good depth option early on for the Bills.

Danny Gray – WR, SMU (Round Six, No. 203)

Gray provides yet another opportunity for the Bills to add to their depth chart at wide receiver. Gray is listed as the 20th best prospect at the position in the draft. According to NFL Draft Buzz, “[i]n 2020 in his first year at SMU, he played and started eight games and chalked up 33 receptions for 448 yards and four TDs.

It was in 2021 when Gray began to receive the attention of national scouts as he received 10 starts and made 49 catches for a team-leading 803 yards (eighth AAC), added nine TDs (third AAC), and put up an outstanding 133.3 QB rating when targeted on the season”. Gray is extremely fast and with return abilities could take a roster spot. His athleticism and speed could also make for a solid role on offense in his first year if he is able to refine his route running.

Jean Delance – T, Florida (Round Seven, No. 231)

Is it ever a bad idea to look at drafting an offensive lineman in the NFL Draft? Delance is expected to be a mid-late round pick, but he provides many upsides. According to The NFL Draft Bible, “[q]uick footed and good balance between his left and right side. Athleticism is very easy to see when watching the tape seeing him move on screens and into the second level. Recognizes the blitz and instinctively sets out wide to counter the rusher”.

There will be ample opportunities for Delance to develop as he works through the early stages of his career. Likely a practice squad player at first, Delance has the athleticism and wingspan of an NFL tackle. The first years of his career could be used to bring his technique and body control to an NFL caliber level.



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