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Blake Corum Is Making Me Rethink About How Much I Hate Michigan

Michigan football has become one of North America's most hated sports teams in 2023, from allegations of illegally recruiting during the COVID-19 dead period to illegally stealing opponents' signs. 

The worst thing about them is how they have cheated their rear-ends off and acted like the victim with their Michigan vs. Everybody slogan. 

Michigan is the scum of the college football world at the moment, and the entire country can watch them get smacked up and down the field against Alabama in the Rose Bowl in less than two weeks.

With all this hate, I am throwing around to the men in Maize and Blue; something caught my eye the other day, running back Blake Corum. 

Corum Is A Class Act

He was wearing a Santa hat, and you could tell how much he enjoyed giving back to the children. This is the same man who bought thousands of turkeys around Thanksgiving to give to people who needed them. 

Corum is an absolute class act, and he has made me rethink my stance on the Michigan football program. 

Maybe Michigan isn't that bad, and you know what they say: my little Michigan Grinch heart grew three sizes that day. 

I can't say I will root for them, but Corum has made me change my point of view on a team that I always hoped would lose. 

I can sports hate Michigan all I want, and that's what makes sports and rivalry so fun, but at the end of the day, there are a lot of great humans on that Michigan team that will go very far places in life, and Corum is just one great example. 

Corum will have to clear his shelves in the future because one day, we all know he will win the NFL's Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award for the most outstanding player off the field. 

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