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Sorry! But Michigan Shouldn't Be In The College Football Playoff

Michigan has been the biggest story in college football all season, from their play on the field to their cheating allegations. On Sunday afternoon, Michigan was awarded the number one seed in the College Football Playoff.

Michigan finished 13-0, Big Ten champions, and had two huge wins against Ohio State and Penn State and have looked like one of the four best teams in the country, so what is the catch, and why shouldn't they be in the playoff?

Let's see: Michigan is the only team in the sport under investigation for cheating. Their head coach, Jim Harbaugh, was suspended for three games late in the season by the Big Ten for cheating, but the College Football Playoff committee decided they didn't want to join the Big Ten and punish them.

Michigan Should Be Out

The Big Ten had enough evidence to suspend Harbaugh, but the playoff committee sat back and didn't do a single thing, which is wrong.

We just saw 12-1 Alabama get in over 13-0 Florida State, and that was the first time in ten years that an undefeated Power Five team was left out.

Many Florida State players and fans are angry about the decision, but they shouldn't be mad at Alabama. They should be pissed that Michigan took their spot.

Last time I checked, Alabama, Florida State, Washington, and Texas didn't have a coach suspended for cheating this season and didn't have a linebacker coach fired for destroying evidence covering up the cheating and another coach doing in-person scouting and illegally recording opposing teams signs.

This decision was simple: leave the team that had been cheating for three straight years at home and let a team in that hadn't been cheating.

Michigan will most likely get smacked by Alabama in the Rose Bowl, but if they win the title, it will most likely be taken away with all their wins over the past three years.

The committee showed us a lot this weekend that you can go perfect in a Power Five conference and not get in, and you can cheat and still find a way into the playoffs.

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