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Bills-Packers Score Predictions: Will The Bills Truly Be Exposed?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The Bills come into a game against the Packers in excellent form. The Packers are struggling a little bit, but this still is an anticipated battle between great quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers and Josh Allen. Stadium Rant gets together to predict the scoreline, followed by my own thoughts.

Score Predictions For Bills-Packers

@patsdowney – Contributing Writer For Gillette Gazette: 21-17 Pats

“The Bills offensive is going to continue on their destructive path through defenses and the Packers offense is going to play exactly how it has through the first seven weeks: terribly.

Buffalo’s offense is certainly looking excellent, and the Packers have been inconsistent on that side of the ball. But Aaron Rodgers has always been one for the moment, and I would expect him to bring a higher level than usual. He has a solid group of weapons in Romeo Doubs, Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb and Robert Tonyan, and with a solid duo of running backs, you never know when they can find it.

Ultimately, though, it’s Josh Allen’s offense that has been near-impossible to stop this year and will possibly dictate this.

@TheMeghanHall – Managing Editor For Indy Intercept: 42-20 Bills

“I don’t trust the Packers at all. (Apparently, neither does Aaron Rodgers. ) Josh Allen will exploit the weakness of Green Bay’s secondary. The Packers will not be able to keep up. I’m taking the Bills at home

The drops issues and Aaron Rodgers’ ensuing lack of trust of his wideouts has definitely hampered the offense. However, for a more free-flowing offense, he’ll have to trust them. On the completely opposite end of things, Buffalo has a very deep group of wideouts with Diggs, David, McKenzie, and Knox.

@Kailani_SCH – Managing Editor For Giants Gridiron: 27-21 Bills

“Josh Allen will have fumble/turnovers. JA is not perfect yet and the Packers defense will cause turnovers..”

The Packers have been a decent turnover-causing team this year, but not to the extent that Buffalo has, and while Josh Allen did have a pair of turnovers against the Chiefs, he will be coming into this game hungry. The margin seems so steep between these teams that Josh can probably find a way to win even not at his best.

@coldwirematt – Contributing Writer for Windy City Rant: 35-17 Bills

“Problems continue for Aaron Rodgers and the team’s offense. Josh Allen and the Bills offense is locked-in and gunning for the Super Bowl.”

Sean McDermotts squad is certainly a super bowl contender. This game will be a test of that, but ultimately, these two teams appear on diametrically opposed paths. There’s lots of talk about the Bills offense, but it’s important to not forget how good Buffalo has been on the defensive side of the ball, both in the front seven and the secondary. Always important to be cautious against a future hall-of-fame quarterback, though, and not take this game lightly.

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My Own Thoughts

Buffalo wins 28-17. I see the Packers keeping it closer than people expect. They’ve got a good defense, and an offense that has the weapons to succeed even though the execution is not there. This isn’t a game that Buffalo can take lightly, and if they lose the turnover battle they could risk actually losing the game.

Ultimately, though, the level the Bills have displayed on both sides so far this year is too high for the Packers to match, especially in Highmark Stadium, and Buffalo will pull away late. The Packers barely beat New England and lost to the Jets, and I don’t expect them to beat a team that’s showing themselves to be the class of the AFC.


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