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Bills And The NFL Top 100, Did They Keep It 100?

Every year in the offseason, the NFL puts out its NFL Top 100 Players, as voted on by the players themselves. How did the Bills fare this year? Did the NFL players get it right or no? In the words of one of the greatest wrestling factions of all time. Are you ready? Reading enthusiasts please buckle up if you to take a ride on this fantastic voyage. It’s time to take this to a different space. Even the space stations are ready to “Rise Up” for this article. Keeping it real is always the best way to go so with that being said let’s get the fire started.

First and foremost, let me be very clear Bills Mafia fans you guys should be tired of being overlooked and lowballed. I have literally heard every excuse in the book for why the Buffalo Bills organization gets disrespected. So let me address a few of them as it pertains to keeping it 100.

As you all know the Top 100 is voted on by the NFL players. How many of those players actually made the Top 100? Does anybody know exactly who these players are? Let me guess it’s voted on by a secret society of players who likely played the Buffalo Bills and if the players are current then they probably got their boots smoked by that very same Bills team. The fact that we don’t know who the players are creates a lot of suspicion.

Secondly, in my honest expert opinion, derived from covering football, for now, five years as a sports journalist, the top ten players should be the best two players from every significant position played. Those positions would be quarterback, offensive line, wide receiver, defensive line, and cornerback. If anyone wants to debate my thought process, consider this. The NFL is obviously a passing league in which quarterbacks are being paid $40 to $50 million a season to play the game.

Who do these quarterbacks primarily target? Majority of the time that would be the wide receiver, right? Who protects the quarterbacks so these players can make plays? The answer to that would be the offensive line. Who plays on the other side of the ball that tries to prevent these things from happening? The defensive line is one of the most vital parts of the game because effective pass rushing in a passer league can help your team reach exponential heights.

Who is covering these receivers that are looking to make plays? The cornerbacks are doing that job. A job that grosses the most elite defenders at that position between $15 to $20 million per season which is similar to what wide receivers are getting paid at the elite level.

Bills Quarterback Josh Allen

Well, let’s dig deeper… Who would you say last year were the top two quarterbacks at their position? My answer would be Aaron Rodgers and Josh Allen. Both quarterbacks have great leadership qualities for different reasons. Josh Allen has put up top-five quarterback numbers for the past two seasons. Josh Allen was picked number ten in the 2021 Top 100. In 2020, Allen threw for over 4,500 yards. He had 37 passes cross a goal line not to include eight rushing touchdowns and over 420 yards rushing. The Buffalo Bills also made the AFC Championship game to add to those accomplishments.

In 2021, Josh Allen would again produce great numbers as he threw for more than 4,400 yards, tossed 36 touchdown passes, and ran for over 760 yards, and had six rushing touchdowns. In the playoffs, Josh Allen would throw for 637 yards, nine touchdowns, and no interceptions. No quarterback in the playoffs had better performances than Josh Allen. Yet Josh Allen is number 13 on the Top 100 list. Pathetic. I guess the #13 ranking was a pun to signify the 13 seconds that crushed the Bills’ chances of an AFC Championship home game.

Other Bills In The NFL Top 100

Stefon Diggs was ranked 26th. I can respect the ranking as it pertains to his wide receiver class even though dropping 15 spots is a little excessive for a player who has put up 2,760 yards and 18 touchdowns. JC Jackson is not a top 20 player. He does not impact the game like Stefon Diggs or Jamar Chase. Jordan Poyer was ranked 45th and Micah Hyde was ranked 50th. Would you consider them to be the best safety tandem in the league?

Bills Edge Rusher Von Miller

Von Miller was ranked at #93. The two-time Super Bowl champion was a major influence as it pertains to the LA Rams winning the Super Bowl this past season. Miller recorded 9.5 sacks in 15 games after coming off an injury that kept him out of the 2020 season. Put some respect on his name. The voting system for the Top 100 players has to involve more than just the current players. What about the owners? What about creating a committee that intertwines players, owners, and fans alike? Maybe this way, the Top 100 doesn’t look like a middle school student council affair.

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