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Bill Belichick Is The Man For The Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles saw their Super Bowl hopes and dreams come crashing down with a loss to the Tampa Buccaneers on Monday night, and many Eagle fans saw this thing coming from a million miles away. 

The Eagles have been one of the worst teams in the NFL in the second half of the season and have looked lost. 

Head coach Nick Sirianni is now on the hot season, and I'll be shocked at this point that he keeps his job. 

Despite leading the Eagles to the Super Bowl last year and starting this season strong, Sirianni's performance could have been better. The team's decline began when the San Francisco 49ers rolled into Philadelphia the first week of December, with the Eagles losing six of their last seven games, including the playoff loss. 

Usually, great head coaches don't take talented teams and turn them into losers in the second half of the season, but that is what Sirianni did. 

The Eagles have tons of talent. They still have one of the best general managers in the NFL in Howie Roseman, bright young quarterback Jalen Hurts, and many great pieces, but the head coach is holding this team back. 

Sirianni lost his offensive and defensive coordinator this season. Shane Steichen had the Indianapolis Colts one win away from the playoffs starting a backup quarterback for most of the season. Jonathan Gannon took one of the worst teams in the league, the Arizona Cardinals, who didn't have their starting quarterback most of the season, and found a way to win four games that shocked many. 

Sirianni has been lost without both of these guys. They were the reasons why the Eagles had so much success last year. Sometimes, the coordinators help elevate a head coach, which is the case with the Eagles.

If the Eagles do fire Sirianni, the first person to call is Bill Belichick. The first thing that will help is telling Belichick he can't have control of the general manager's duties, and if he says yes, then you have your guy.

Belichick is almost 72 years old, so he doesn't have many years left to coach, and he could come into a very talented team with a great general manager. 

Belichick can get the defense back to where it needs to be and bring in an offensive coordinator who can unleash the offense. 

I also think Belichick probably wants to stay on the East Coast, and why not take over one of the best rosters in the league that needs better coaching? 

You should feel great if Belichick is your head coach if you're an Eagles fan. He has been able to get a lot of wins out of guys who aren't the most talented, and the Eagles have the talent, and he can be the guy who can reshape a horrible defense.  

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