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Bill Belichick Is About To Coach The Cowboys

Current Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is about to be fired after his team's embarrassing performance in the first round of the playoffs, and Dallas will be in the market for a new head coach. 

Let's all take a second and look at who was made available this week. Oh, that's right, Bill Belichick. 

Belichick and the New England Patriots parted ways after six Super Bowls together, and despite Belichick turning 72 in April, it does seem like he still wants to coach. 

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is known for the big splash, and hiring Belichick, one of the best head coaches ever, is as big as it gets. 

The Cowboys haven't won anything since the 90s, and Jones is 81 years old, so he isn't a spring chicken anymore. 

With Belichick at the helm, the Dallas Cowboys could have their best shot at reaching a Super Bowl in the next three to five years. The team already boasts a strong roster, and Belichick's proven ability to win Super Bowls could be the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Cowboys fans, don't rule out Belichick as your next head coach because it is possible.  

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