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Best QB Duels In 2022 For Jalen Hurts

In a make-or-break year, Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback, Jalen Hurts, will need some big games to cement his spot at the top of the depth chart moving forward.

One way to ensure your job security is by out-dueling great quarterbacks or showing up in highly anticipated games. There are three games where outperforming the other quarterback could be hugely beneficial for Jalen Hurts as he works to prove himself as a franchise quarterback.

Week 3 & 10: Carson Wentz

While Carson Wentz is not an elite or particularly high-level quarterback at this point in his career, these wins could be huge for Jalen Hurts. Part of the Eagles fanbase still believes that Wentz should still be the guy in Philadelphia despite his struggles.

As we know now, Hurts was the one they decided to stand with and trade Wentz. If Hurts can outperform and beat Wentz twice, that is two division wins and perhaps a sway of opinion on those who still doubt him.


For Week Three, Hurts will have 237 yards and two touchdowns with 57 yards on the ground in a 27-14 win. As for Wentz, not much to expect as he throws for 250 yards, zero touchdowns, and one interception.

For Week 10, Hurts will have 304 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception through the air with 56 rushing yards. If Wentz still has the starting job by then, he will have 167 passing yards and two passing touchdowns in a 35-13 loss in his first game back in Philadelphia.

Week 5: Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray has shown to be one of the best quarterbacks in football. Murray has also had many rumors surrounding his future in Arizona, leading to some Eagles fans suggesting that the team should trade for him. Jalen Hurts will have an opportunity to go into Murray’s field and take him down and silence his doubters who want him replaced.


In a 27-20 win, Hurts will go for 279 yards and three touchdowns through the air. Murray will put 302 yards and two touchdowns but will fall short without Deandre Hopkins during his suspension.

Week 12: Aaron Rodgers

One does not simply outplay the back-to-back MVP. Rodgers will be highly motivated to win this season with his new deal and the Eagles’ defense will have a lot of trouble this day. What better way to shut down the haters than by defending home field and taking down the MVP? This will be the biggest QB duel for Hurts all year.


In a 28-31 Eagles win, Hurts will throw for 390 yards, a career high. Hurts will add three total touchdowns to match Rodgers’ three passing touchdowns. Hurts will lead the last-minute, game-winning drive with Jake Elliot finishing off the Packers.

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