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Alabama A-Day Takeaways

Alabama football has made a comeback, and despite the field looking terrible, the team is performing exceptionally well. The Alabama A-Day event drew in a crowd of over 72,000 people, and the younger players are living up to the hype. Kalen Deboer has taken over as the head coach, and it's a new era for Alabama football. 

Kane Wommack's Defense

The defense appeared to be running a simple defense, but the defensive line failed to generate much pressure on the quarterback, and the defensive backs appeared to be struggling with the offense's speed. 

However, this was not a true representation of the defense's capabilities. Wommack was running a very basic defense to avoid revealing too much to our opponents before the start of the season.

Offensive Standouts

When it comes to the most remarkable performances during the spring game, we must start by mentioning Germie Bernard, the transfer wideout from Washington. Germie Bernard had an outstanding performance by accumulating an impressive 122 yards on three receptions during A-Day on Saturday. He showed his ability to make big plays and left a lasting impression on the Alabama fans.

I don't want to take anything away from Justice Haynes, who also scored a touchdown. We already had expectations for Haynes, but Jam Miller had an exceptional day, even though he only had eight attempts. He managed to gain 83 yards, scored two touchdowns, and had a massive 48-yard gain in one carry.

Jalen Milroe's Heisman Season

This was just a glimpse of what we can expect this season. If Deboer was able to transform Penix into a 4,000-yard quarterback, one wonders what he can do with Milroe. 

Although I don't expect him to reach 4,000 yards, our offense will likely be more focused on passing this season. Although Milroe only completed 3 passes for 100 yards, his arm talent is still impressive.


We should keep in mind that this is just a scrimmage at the end of the day. Although this offense is performing exceptionally well, we will get a better understanding of this defense once we see other transfers joining in. It's an exciting time for Alabama football as we usher in a new era. ROLL TIDE!

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