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3 Bold Predictions Ahead Of Seahawks Vs. Lions – New Quarterback Appearance?

These Detroit Lions are looking to make a statement this season and could make waves in a competitive NFC North. The game Sunday currently sits at Lions -4 as the high-powered Lions offense takes on a struggling Seahawks defense.

Hard Knocks usually does a fantastic job of overselling a struggling team’s prospects for the upcoming season. In recent years, a team featured on Hard Knocks does not live up to expectations as we saw with the Browns, Raiders and Cowboys. Could this be a year when a team that was featured on Hard Knocks turns great? The Lions are poised to be a serious contender in the NFC North.

The Seahawks are struggling to find an identity on offense and on defense. The team lacks consistent veteran leadership. We see glimpses of great play followed by major lapses. The Hawks are a few pieces away from being a great team; the problem is these are major pieces such as quarterback and several pieces on defense such as a strong safety to play alongside Quandre Diggs and at least one elite cornerback.

This is a must-win game for both teams. As I mentioned previously, the Seahawks need to win against some of their non-divisional opponents to have a respectable record this season. The Lions need to win in their quest for a playoff berth. The NFC North seems to be wide open this year so the Lions will need great wins, both in-division and across the rest of their schedule.

Three Bold Predictions: Seahawks vs. Lions

1. Detroit Lions Win

A week one win against the Broncos brought a lot of expectations on this Seahawks squad that didn’t exist in the preseason. Two disappointing games later, we have brought our expectations back down to earth. This Lions team is a potential wildcard team and has proven to be scrappy three games into the season. The Lions boast a third-rated offense against a struggling 25th-rated Seahawks defense. With a stable of running backs featuring D’Andre Swift and Jamaal Williams, the Hawks could give up over a hundred yards rushing on Sunday.

2. Drew Lock FINALLY Makes An Appearance

I’ll keep predicting this until it becomes reality. Some Seahawk fans may have less patience than Pete Carroll. The reality is that while Geno Smith had a 300-yard passing game last week, the Hawks have the 28th-ranked offense in the NFL through three games. Geno Smith is roughly middle of the NFL in total passing but unfortunately the Hawks struggle passing and rushing. With a young offensive line and not a full rotation of running backs, they are currently 29th in rushing. We think of teams like the Bills as struggling to run the ball but to put it in perspective, the Bills average 112 yards per game as opposed to the Seahawks averaging 74 yards per game.

3. DK Metcalf Comeback Game?

We mentioned the vulnerable Seahawks defense, but the Lions 28th-ranked defense gives up more total yardage. The Lions D averages close to 266 yards of passing per game. This is a chance for DK, who was been struggling and seemingly frustrated thus far, to have a comeback game for the 2022 season. The Hawks usually don’t have the luxury of facing teams with sub-par defenses unless playing outside the NFC West. Mark this game on the calendar for a potential 100-yard game from Metcalf.


This is a crucial game for both teams. I think it will be a Lions win, but could we see some glimpses of greatness from the Seahawks squad? Will DK have a 100-yard game for the first time this season? Ultimately, the Seahawks rushing defense, being one of the worst in the league, will be unable to keep up with the Lions rushing duo. We think this could be a high-scoring affair as both teams struggle and give up lots of yards to opposing offenses.

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