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2022 Colts Preseason: Game Two Recap

The Colts lost to the Lions in game two of their 2022 preseason slate by a score of 26 to 27. Here are the biggest takeaways from the team’s loss and what it means going forward.

Another week of preseason is over and that means another week of over-reactions. This week the Colts faced off against the Lions, sitting the starters and letting the back-ups vie for their positions. We’ll break down the tape quarter by quarter.

The Colts Look To Have A “Bend Don’t Break” Defense This Year

In the first quarter out trots the starting defense for this game. I saw some things I was really hoping to see this week like the defensive backs being aggressive and sticking tighter in coverage. Sadly the pass rush just wasn’t there to back up good coverage by the DBs. The defensive line was penetrating just like Gus Bradley wanted, but this left major holes for the Lions to run the ball down our throats, allowing 6.1 yards/carry in the first quarter. Luckily, Bradley’s defense would bend but it wouldn’t break in the RedZone, with the help of Nick Cross getting a huge break up at the back left pylon of the endzone.

Nick Cross saves the Touchdown He’s a stud🔒 #colts — Colts Militia (@coltsmilitia_) August 20, 2022

Wide Receiver Dezmon Patmon Has Arrived For The Colts

The offense of the first quarter was still pedestrian but showed some upside. Nick Foles continued to show an inability to push the ball downfield, however, he did hit Dezmon Patmon on a deep shot after pump-faking the screen to Alec Pierce; the throw was sailed high and Patmon managed to go up and get it with a safety crashing down on him. Despite Foles expertly throwing check-down after check-down the offense only mustered three points in the first quarter. 

Nick Foles ouvre le bal de cette nouvelle salve de match de présaison avec un petit ballon lobé pour Dezmon Patmon #DETvsIND #ForTheShoe 🎥 — – Actu NFL 🏈 (@TDActu) August 21, 2022

Big Receivers For The Colts Continue To Show Big Potential

In the second quarter the defense began cracking down on the run, Anthony Chesley shows some sticky coverage vs a fade route, and Tyquan Lewis blows up a screenplay! The defense begins to stop bending and the linebackers, noticeably Trevor Denbow, show some good coverage and move nicely to the ball. On the offensive side, Sam Ehlinger starts out rough but continues to show he deserves to be on a 53-man roster, The receivers, Mike Strachan and Dezmon Patmon, are shining like lights on a Christmas tree and that’s a very nice present to Colts fans. Patmon showcases good hands and the ability to get open and the same to Mr. August, Mike Strachan. 

An absolute **dime** from Sam Ehlinger … and Mike Strachan continues to build off what’s been a really good first week back. 🎥 @NFLscheme — Zak Keefer (@zkeefer) August 20, 2022

Sam Is The Man For The Colts Offense In Preseason Game Two

In the third quarter, the run defense drops right back off and the Lions are getting big gains on the ground. Sam the man and Patmon connect on a huge broken play for a touchdown, these two were dynamic playmakers all game. In the fourth quarter, Jack Coan continued to be dismal and not much else happened of note.

Sam Ehlinger with the 50-yard rocket to Dezmon Patmon 🚀 (via @NFL) — B/R Gridiron (@brgridiron) August 20, 2022

Putting a bow on this, the defense needs to tighten up on the run, and another glaring issue was how easily teams were able to get off the play-action boot. We struggled to shut down the run and contain the mobile quarterbacks of the Lions, but our linebacker depth looked solid and our corners were making big tackles while staying with the receivers in coverage. The brightest of bright sides though Patmon and Strachan played great throughout the game! Hallelujah! I’ve definitely got more optimism for preseason game three, and always want to see more of Sam the Man Ehlinger.

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