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2022 Chiefs: Do These Four Players Have Too Lofty Expectations?

There are some really high expectations for the Chiefs this year. For four Chiefs in particular, that those expectations could be seated in realism or fantasy. Will expectations meet reality or are they too lofty?

The Chiefs have crazy high expectations for this season. However, that is the culture that they have built over the past several seasons. The Chiefs organization expects to win a lot of games and make a deep post-season run every year. The fans of have those same expectations and will latch on to certain players, especially during the pre-season.

There are four Chiefs players in particular that warrant attention. It is good to have high expectations but sometimes we may be teetering on the line between high and unreal. Then again, with Andy Reid as Head Coach and Patrick Mahomes as the quarterback, anything is possible, especially for the two pass catchers that I’ll be highlighting first.

Two Chiefs Pass Catchers Have Lofty Expectations For 2022

Jody Fortson

I was one of the many that were so excited for Tight End Jody Fortson last year. He ended his season with five targets/five receptions for 47 yards and two touchdowns. It seems his rehab went very well and he concluded this pre-season with crazy expectations. I’ve even seen several people draft him for Fantasy Football this year. A few predictions state that he will go off for over ten touchdowns!

Jody Fortson’s breakout season starts on Sunday 😎 #ChiefsKingdom (📹 @NFL) — Let’s Chat Chiefs (@LetsChatChiefs) September 5, 2022

Are you buying the hype on him? He certainly has all the tools but we have yet to see it in the long term. He, of course, has shown flashes but that’s just it; flashes. The expectation is that he will be a great second tight end coming off the bench for red zone looks. The expectation is that he will ball out and win most of his match-ups. The reality is that the Chiefs have more mouths to feed this year than ever. Furthermore, tight-end Travis Kelce is still the red zone monster.

Justin Watson

You would have thought Wide Receiver Justin Watson was the second coming of Jesus the way he was hyped during camp and pre-season this year. I’m excited for the chance to see what he can do for sure. However, his best year was 159 reception yards on 15 receptions. He’s only been in 40 games in his four years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yet, the expectations for Watson remain high.

New Chiefs WR Making Noise After Leaving Tampa Bay

I really do hope that he does well and meets all the expectations. The expectation is that he wins the one-on-one match-ups he will likely receive as the other wide receivers are getting most of the attention. The reality is that he is coming off knee surgery. The reality is that he is a fifth-round pick that has been buried in the dept chart his whole career. The reality is that he is currently buried in the Chiefs’ depth chart.

Two Chiefs Rookies Face Lofty Expectations In Year One

George Karlaftis

Defensive End George Karlaftis was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round, 30th overall this year. He is coming to a team that desperately needs more help on the defensive line when it comes to both pass rush and run-stops. He is expected by a lot of Chiefs fans to be in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year. He is expected to start piling up sacks from the very first game against the Arizona Cardinals. He has even gained the nickname “Furious George” without even playing a regular-season snap.

George Karlaftis says he likes the nickname "Furious George." "I like Furious George. That's not bad." — Sports Radio 810 WHB (@SportsRadio810) August 29, 2022

I do think he will be in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year, mostly because he will gain a lot of single teams due to a lot of attention on Defensive Tackle Chris Jones. He also has a motor that won’t stop. So when a play is extended I think he will get some big plays running down the opposing quarterback. However, the reality is he is a rookie. The reality is he is sitting behind defensive lineman Mike Danna. Also, veteran DL Carlos Dunlap will see a lot of time.

Isiah Pacheco

I talked about the hype on Running Back Isiah Pacheco in another article. There are talks that he will be the next Kareem Hunt for the Chiefs. They are both similar and listed at around five-foot-11 and 215 pounds. There are talks that he will take over the first depth chart spot over RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire by the end of the year. I think if he continues his success from camp there is a chance he could rise in the depth chart.

Isiah Pacheco has been getting the Kareem Hunt comp at camp… that forced missed tackle looked a lot like Kareem Hunt. — Pete Sweeney (@pgsween) August 13, 2022

The expectation is that he can be a Kareem Hunt-type player for the Chiefs. The expectation is that he rushes for over 1,000 yards and has multiple touchdowns in his first year. The expectation is he is our running back of the future. The reality is he is a seventh-round pick out of Rutgers. The reality is the running back room this year is deep and the reality is this is a pass-heavy Andy Reid offense.

It is hard to predict what a team — let alone a certain player — will do from year to year. It’s easy to have high expectations for a certain player from a team that you love. It’s also easy to not look at the complete reality and context of the situation. I think these highlighted players will do just fine this year. We just have to be careful not to be let down if our expectations are below what really happens.

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