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New York Yankees' Prospect Jasson Dominguez Is Up Next

New York Yankees fans got a taste of what highly touted prospect Jasson Dominguez was capable of last September when he hit his first home run on his first at-bat against Justin Verlander. It was from that moment on, fans knew that this kid was going to be special.

Dominguez continued to dominate during a struggling Yankees' season in the coming days, hitting four home runs in his first eight games as a major leaguer. Dominguez slashed .258/.30/.677/.980, some pretty impressive numbers for a 20-year-old's first eight games as a major leaguer.

Unfortunately, Dominguez was shut down for the rest of the season when it was discovered that he suffered a UCL tear and placed on the 60-day injured list in February. Fans were rightfully worried about Dominguez, who was supposed to be called up and potentially be part of the 26-man roster in 2024.

Thankfully, the 2024 Yankees have been fine without Dominguez, leaving him to recover without any rush to return.

Dominguez was signed in July of 2019 as a 16-year-old switch hitter. He was nicknamed "The Martian" due to his otherworldly level of play at such a young age. During the majority of the 2023 season, he played 109 games where he had 15 home runs, a batting average of .254, an OBP of .367, slugging at .414, and an OPS of .781. It's safe to say Dominguez is a "Martian".

Dominguez got Tommy John surgery in late September and what was expected to be a 9-10 month recovery turned out to only be about seven months. Dominguez was slowly returning to form and started to play in rehab games as a Designated Hitter by mid-May down in Single-A.

After four games, Dominguez was sent up to Double-A where he began to create some buzz again. Dominguez slashed .316/.350/.632/.982 in 40 plate appearances and hit four home runs.

Talks amongst fans began to bring him back up to the Majors to replace struggling outfielder Trent Grisham, but I say to keep Dominguez down in the minors. Dominguez has just been called up to Triple-A, getting some playing time as a center fielder which is his first time playing in the outfield since his injury.

I think getting those reps in as an outfielder will help with his growth and there is no need to rush a player coming off a UCL injury who is currently hitting balls out of the field.

The Yankees are doing just fine without the need for Dominguez so far, and it'll give the young kid some time to get some more playing time and create even more buzz. Dominguez's time will come, and hopefully, he'll be ready to dominate in the majors by September to help the Yankees get the coveted 28th championship.

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