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Yankees Fans Embarrassed Themselves During Tuesday Night’s Win Over Baltimore 

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The New York Yankees are one of the hottest teams in the MLB right now and they proved it again Tuesday night. The Yankees came back to beat Baltimore in extra innings but that wasn’t the story of the night in the Bronx.

A squirrel was running around on the edge of the wall and fans were going crazy. You would have thought these fans saw bigfoot that’s how shocked they were to see a squirrel running around.

Squirrel sighting in the Bronx‼️ 😲🐿️ (via @MLB) — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) May 24, 2023

I mean come on now there are rats who live in the New York subway station that are 10 times bigger than that and they fear a little squirrel.

Come On Yankees Fans Do Better

Five years ago, at a Cleveland Browns game, a possum was running around the stands and a fan picked it up with his bare hands. These Yankees fans were about to jump out of their seats because of a little squirrel.

The video of the fans was going viral and I’m not going to lie it kind of made the Yankee fan look soft and weak. The Yankee fan is one of the most passionate fans in the sport, but this is going to take a huge blow to their ego.

The same people who brag about their 27 rings even though 95% of the people have only seen like five of them are the same fans who will run the other way when they see a little animal.


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