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XFL 2.0 Looks To Break The Mold For Spring Football

Dwayne Johnson is the man who has done it all. From playing collegiate football at Miami to the big screen, to now owning the XFL. Everybody knows who The Rock is. But can he make people care about a football league that’s not the NFL? Many have attempted but nobody has been very successful yet.

What started with Vince McMahon, yes the same Vince McMahon from WWE, is now in the hands of Dwayne Johnson. Johnson is a former WWE wrestler himself, and a pretty good one. You could say they’re keeping it in the wrestling family. Johnson will attempt to go where no man has gone before—competing with the NFL. Is it possible? Probably not, but it’s certainly worth a try. Competing with the NFL is unattainable at this point. The old phrase stands true, The NFL is king. These leagues have learned that people don’t want the competition between Roger Goodell and the NFL, they just want something to watch when it’s not on.

Recruiting Isn’t Easy

The Rock has done an excellent job of compiling talent all things considered. It’s not easy to be a little brother picking from the scraps the NFL turns away. He needed 408 players at least to get this thing going. They can’t just be anybody though, talent will draw eyes to the league. The thing most of these startup leagues lack is elite quarterback play. The XFL got a couple of decent names under center including Former Miami Hurricane D’Eriq King, journeyman Jordan Ta’amu, Former NFL backup Brett Hundley, TikTok legend Ben Dinucci, Alabama star AJ McCarron, Paxton Lynch, and more.

Some other notable players in the league include Former Steelers Wide Receivers Martavis Bryant and Eli Rogers, Punter Marquette King, Former Falcons Linebacker Vic Beasley, and the man everyone thought was a Hall of Famer Josh Gordon to name a few. The league has some names. Those guys have to go out and put something worth watching on the field.

Not Quite The NFL

The XFL will run a ten-week season with no Bye week. They will play games on Saturday and Sunday, giving us something to watch on the weekend maybe. They will run a two-week postseason for the top two teams from each conference. Teams are spread throughout the United States in Arlington, Washington DC, Orlando, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Seattle, and St. Louis.

Off To A Good Start

The XFL seems to have a good formula. Some big names, a television deal with ESPN/Disney, and the season is offsetting from the NFL. Having a name like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spearheading it can only help too. All the guy does is win, so hopefully, he does it on this stage too. The Rock has been successful in so many business ventures throughout his 50-year life, this would just be another trophy on the shelf. Johnson won’t be alone on this project though. Alongside him will be fellow University of Miami alum Dany Garcia. Garcia is a film producer and bodybuilder who has worked alongside The Rock on multiple projects.

The last time we saw the XFL was in the COVID-shortened season and then it just dissolved. Last spring we saw the United States Football League get through the first season of its reboot. They had a successful first year, can the XFL top it? It seems to be on track. Many people seem to be buzzed for the XFL return. Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor coming into play. Either way, these leagues have given us something besides the NFL or College Football to watch. Has it been a great product? Arguable. Is it watchable? Absolutely. It will be interesting to see how The Rock’s edition turns out.

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