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Win Or Go Home: Colts VS Texans

Lets make this clear. The Colts are not out of the playoffs yet, no matter what the media says. We have already defeated the Texans once and although it's tough to beat a team twice in the NFL, we have a good chance of winning. When nobody picks us, the odds usually work in our favor, especially since the bookmakers always find a way to win. This is similar to what happened last week against the Raiders. However the week before last the books were against us and we were blown out by the Falcons.

Whos In? Whos out?

According to Shane Steichen, there are no players listed as out, so the team is at full strength. Kenny Moore and Zach Moss participated fully on Wednesday and are expected to continue to do so. However, Quenton Nelson was limited in practice due to an ankle injury and Ryan Kelly has been out of practice, also due to an ankle injury. It's likely that both players' limited or missed practice time is just a precautionary measure to ensure their full health for Saturday evening's game.

In the Spotlight

We got the bump. We will be on at 8 PM EST this Saturday night. All eyes will be on Indy and CJ Stroud. This is Stroud's first game in the spotlight in the NFL, but as we know, he is no stranger to prime-time games from college. Hopefully, like in week two, our defense will be able to force the necessary turnovers to get ahead early and stay ahead, just like in the first matchup.

Pro Bowl

We'll keep this short and sweet. The Pro Bowl is a joke, from the voting process to what it has become on the field. How can Quenton Nelson, who hasn't had the best season, be in the Pro Bowl? On the other hand, Zaire Franklin, who leads the league in tackling and is one of the top five linebackers this season, is not in the Pro Bowl. It's laughable!


This is the perfect moment for Zaire Franklin to demonstrate why he is one of the best. Franklin getting a turnover would be the slap in the face the media deserves. Even if it's not him, we need to be able to take the ball away from CJ. Keeping Stroud off the field and our offense on the field should be the key to victory. We should be at full strength this weekend, and with all eyes on us, a win would silence the media. As they say, respect is earned, not given. My final prediction is Colts 31, Texans 18.

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