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Will This Controversial New York Giant Reach All-Pro Status In 2023?

The quarterback position is, without a doubt, the most crucial in football. This also automatically makes it the most valuable and controversial role. Few players have been more tantalizing than Daniel Jones for the New York Giants.

Jones was selected with the sixth pick back in 2019, and while he showed promise, it took a while for the young quarterback to overcome the significant issues that gave his doubters fuel. But has he finally overcome these major issues?

What Were These Major Issues?

In the early portions of his career, three main things were plaguing Jones. The first was turnovers. Jones had a problem fumbling the ball, sometimes rushing, and making a poor read. The second was horrible coaching. The Giants constantly had one of the worst coaching staffs and front offices in the NFL during the first three years of Jones' career.

Third was Jones' need for more help. The quarterback needs help from his team, and with an awful front office not giving him anything helpful on the field, the young quarterback was screwed from the start.

So Why Would He Jump For New York Now?

Last year, Jones saw massive strides in his game with new offensive wizard Brian Daboll taking over. Daboll won coach of the year, and with Daniel Jones, won a playoff game for the first time since 2011. This also came with the addition of a very well-rounded roster that helped give Jones what he needed to win.

But most importantly, the turnovers. Jones' turnover numbers decreased significantly while losing little production. Jones was more intelligent and careful with the ball, which paid off. The quarterback played much better with 3900 yards, twenty-two total TDs, and only eleven turnovers.

How Often Do Quarterbacks Jump Like This?

In recent memory, it has occurred a decent amount of times. Jared Goff appeared out of nowhere to bring the Rams to the Super Bowl after being fairly mediocre his first two years. Josh Allen for the Bills (Also coached by Brian Daboll) saw a massive jump from being considered a bust to being an MVP favorite.

Lamar Jackson's MVP season was similar to this after somewhat struggling during his rookie year. In the modern NFL, we see quarterbacks make leaps like this all the time, especially when being coached by incredible minds, as Jones has in Daboll.

What Does Jones Need To Do, To Get This Done?

The most logical next step is to increase the touchdowns. Last year, the coaching staff focused on getting Jones acclimated to the new system and playing safer. Now, as the quarterback, it's your job to put the ball in the end zone, and that is what Daniel Jones needs to do.

We may see an increase into the 40-plus touchdown range, including passing and rushing. Jones is a threat on the ground and could quickly rush for eight or more touchdowns. Then it is very realistic to push the passing touchdowns up with the new offensive weapons, like Tennessee wide receiver Jalen Hyatt and former Raiders tight end Darren Waller.

The next biggest thing, you have to make the playoffs again. Jones led the Giants to the playoffs for the first time since 2016 and the infamous "boat incident." If Jones wants to be named an all-pro, he has to make the playoffs for the second year.

The final major caveat, he needs to beat the Eagles and Cowboys at least twice. You have to contend with your rivals as a quarterback in your sport's most ruthless and heated divisions. You must do that to deserve a spot on the all-pro list.

Will Jones Be Able To Be Named An All-Pro?

The quarterback position is loaded, and to be an all-pro, you have to be one of, if not the best, at your position. Daniel Jones has all the tools dreamt of in a quarterback. He has a size, strong ar,m and can run. It is all about putting it all together. Unfortunately for Jones, he is in the NFC East, the best football division.

Playing against the loaded Eagles, the Cowboys led by Micah Parsons, and the Commander's horrifying defensive line is difficult. Jones must level up his gams to reach that next tier. A step that I don't believe is possible this season. But for future seasons...the lights could shine differently on the Duke alumnus.

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