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Will This Chiefs Rookie Be A Major Factor In 2022?

Chiefs’ rookie Skyy Moore has been flashing in training camp. Is it just pre-season hype, or will the rookie WR become a star paired with Mahomes?

The Chiefs have officially played their first pre-season game, and it seems as though the wide receiver hierarchy is becoming clearer. Possibly the most competitive position for the Chiefs all offseason has been WR. Assuming the team carries six wideouts into the regular season there are already four spots locked in between Mecole Hardman, Juju Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdez-Scantling, and Skyy Moore. So, while things are becoming clearer on who will make the final roster, there could always be a last-minute surprise.

That being said, of the top four, there is one player who stands out the most from the others. Smith-Schuster, Valdes-Scantling, and Hardman are all veteran players with defined roles in the NFL. Rookie Skyy Moore is still an unknown in many aspects. Moore lined up both outside and inside in college, and at training camp has even seen some time in the backfield and on special teams. Moore is an intriguing chess piece, but will the Chiefs be able to use him to his full potential?

The Chiefs’ Rookie Can Do It All; Will He Be Used Properly?

Skyy Moore has shown that he has the ability to run any route, from any spot on the field. His specialty for now is going to be the slant. A simple but effective route that allows him to separate quickly and get the ball in his hands. However, we may see Moore do a little bit of everything this year. Including taking snaps from the backfield.

Moore was seen in training camp taking snaps with the running backs. Similar to Deebo Samuel, the Chiefs can use this to throw off defenses. Even if the Chiefs are happy with their running back room, it can add a nice change of pace and allows them to get the ball in the hands of their rookie wideout to see what he can do with it.

Moore will more than likely start the year as WR4, but he may be able to work his way up a spot, or even two by the end of the year. Moore may never be a true WR1, but he can be the ultimate WR2, and become a versatile weapon for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Similar to both Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman in the past, Moore will likely be moved around and play a mishmash of roles. Moore will also see some run on special teams as a return man. There will be several plays schemed up for him every week, but he won’t be the focal point of the offense in his rookie year. Perhaps the only thing that the five-foot-ten Moore won’t be asked to do as a rookie, or ever, is catch 50/50 jump balls.

Chiefs Pre-Season Game Gives Insight Into Moore’s Future Role

The Chiefs starters only played the first drive of the pre-season game. Wide receivers Juju Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdez-Scantling, and Mecole Hardman all sat after the Chiefs scored on their opening drive. Skyy Moore on the other hand continued to take snaps. This just solidifies the theory that Moore is WR4, at least for the moment.

Of course, as a rookie, it makes sense for Moore to get more reps in pre-season football, but expectations have to be tempered for the rookie. If Moore finishes the year with 500 yards receiving his rookie year will have been a tremendous success. Moore doesn’t need to breakout in his rookie year, he just needs to continue to develop his game.

.@Chiefs rookie WR @skyymoore24 with the toe tap catch. 👟👟 📺: #KCvsCHI on @NFLNetwork 📱: Stream on NFL+ — NFL (@NFL) August 13, 2022

So, while we shouldn’t expect too much from the rookie Skyy Moore, there is still much to be excited about with his potential. Moore may never be Tyreek Hill, but he can still develop into a premier wide receiver in the NFL, and it helps to be playing alongside Patrick Mahomes. Despite losing Hill, the Chiefs have put together a diverse and well-balanced group of receivers. Which means each receiver can play to their strengths, and won’t be asked to do something outside of their capabilities.

As Smith-Schuster said, the Skyy is the limit for the rookie. I don’t think this just applies to Moore either. Despite an off-season criticized by many, I believe the Chiefs roster is better and younger than ever. It may take some time to put everything together, but I have no doubt the Chiefs will once again be competing for the Lombardi trophy by the end of the season.

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