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Will These Chiefs Dominate For Fantasy In 2022?

Fantasy season is quickly approaching and the Chiefs have been a fantasy gold mine for years now. Which Chiefs players can you look for to perform in fantasy for 2022?

Fantasy football season is almost here. Some may have already done a fantasy draft or two. Of course, there are also dynasty leagues that never end. This means it’s time to prepare and start researching how to put together the best possible team.

Much of the AFC has undergone some serious changes this offseason. The Chiefs may have changed their roster perhaps more than anyone. They will be replacing three of their top receivers and bringing in two more running backs to the fold. So, who can you trust on the new roster to help win you your fantasy league?

The Chiefs Still Have The Best Tight End In The Entire NFL

The most obvious pick of any other on this list is Travis Kelce. While Kelce isn’t getting any younger, he also hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Travis Kelce has been at worst TE2 in fantasy since 2016. Last year he was beaten out by Mark Andrews, and Gronk also took the title in 2017. Other than that Kelce has been the king of the position.

The Chiefs will be relying on Kelce early in the season as the new wide receivers learn to figure out their roles. Kelce also was targeted at least eight times in ten games last season, finishing with 134 targets. It’s safe to say that outside of injury that Kelce will put up at least that many targets, and quite possibly even more. Kelce is easily the safest pick on this list, but that also means he will be drafted highly. If you want a reliable player with breakout potential every week, then Kelce is your best choice.

Do The Chiefs Still Have The Best Fantasy Quarterback To Own?

Few fans outside of Buffalo will argue with the statement that Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback currently in the NFL. However, that doesn’t make Mahomes the best fantasy QB. Patrick Mahomes certainly has the upside of being the best fantasy QB, but after losing Tyreek Hill it will be a little harder. The Chiefs have also built up their offensive line, and even Mahomes would benefit if the offense chose to run the ball a little more.

While Mahomes has the ability to scramble, he isn’t a scrambling QB. If he has the choice, he would much rather buy time for his receivers and let them do the work. This means that players like Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, and Jalen Hurts can benefit from fantasy formats that reward running QBs more than passing.

I fully expect Patrick Mahomes to finish in the top five fantasy QBs, but quarterback is often a position you can target late in fantasy drafts. Mahomes will likely be over-drafted just because of name recognition. If you do draft Mahomes it is possible he can single-handedly win you your matchup, but Mahomes will also be adjusting to his new receivers and may need part of the season to adjust.

Which Chiefs Receiver Will Break Out For Fantasy In 2022?

As mentioned, the Chiefs replaced three of their top four receivers from last season. Tyreek Hill, Demarcus Robinson, and Byron Pringle have all joined other teams. Meanwhile, Juju Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdez-Scantling, and rookie Skyy Moore have joined the fold. Mecole Hardman and Josh Gordon will both be back and looking for more targets this season. So, which of them is the most likely to stand out?

From everything we’ve heard from training camps, my current choice would be Marquez Valdez-Scantling. According to Pete Sweeney, “MVS” is the smoothest receiver he can remember. Valdez-Scantling and Mahomes have already seemingly built up some chemistry, and are in sync with each other. MVS is 6’4 and has a true 4.3 speed, which is incredible for that size. Although he has had issues with drops in the past, but over the past few years seem to have worked that out.

It’s possible that Valdez-Scantling will be the third Chiefs receiver taken in fantasy drafts. This means he is even more valuable if you can get him later in drafts. Both Hardman and Smith-Schuster will also be competing to be the top receiver for the team, but until one emerges from the crowd I’m putting my money on the vet who played with Aaron Rodgers his entire career.

Can The Chiefs Finally Produce A Top Tier Fantasy Running Back Again?

In theory, the Chiefs’ offense should be able to produce a top-tier fantasy RB. The offensive line is one of the best at run blocking in the entire NFL, and there are plenty of opportunities for catching passes out of the backfield. The offense will be high-scoring which is what you want from your fantasy running backs. The issue is that the Chiefs will probably attempt to do RB by committee.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire has shown glimpses of why he was drafted in the first round but has been unable to consistently produce numbers. He has also struggled with injuries since entering the league, and he will probably miss time this year as well. Ronald Jones II was signed in free agency, and Jerrick McKinnon was also re-signed off the market. On top of all this, Isaih Pacheco was drafted in the 7th round, and Derrick Gore is also still hanging around.

We may see a scenario where the Chiefs decide to ride the hot hand on a game-to-game basis. Which isn’t great for fantasy, but will be good for the team’s success. I would look for Edwards-Helaire to get the bulk of the work early in the year, with Jones stealing some carries here and there. Pacheco could be a sneaky sleeper pick, and will likely add value as a returner. Overall, I wouldn’t take any chances on the Chiefs’ RB room this year, as there are too many factors at play. Clyde could finish as a top 5 fantasy RB, or he could finish 30th. It’s all up in the air.

Some Other Chiefs’ Players Worth Drafting In Fantasy Football

Lastly, let’s wrap up with a couple of players who fill lesser needs, or could fill a big role in case of injury. First up is Harrison Butker. Butker has been the Chiefs’ kicker for five years now and is one of the best in the league. He’s had his struggles with extra points but seems to have solved that issue in 2021. Butker will have a pretty consistent output of points from the kicker position, and will occasionally have a big fantasy day. He’s one of the safest picks when it comes to special teamers.

There’s a lot to say about Josh Gordon. He had a disappointing comeback in 2021. Despite suiting up most weeks, Gordon had almost zero production. To be fair to Gordon, he came into the season late and had to learn the Reid system on the fly. Gordon will now have a full offseason with the team and will know the system better than most of the new receivers on the roster. I wouldn’t expect a breakout year from Gordon, but there may be some value if he’s still there in the later rounds.

Finally, we have Noah Gray. Noah Gray is entering his sophomore season. Last year the coaching staff was raving about his potential, but Gray has very little to show for it. Tight end is infamously one of the hardest positions to transition in the NFL. Even first-round picks can struggle in their rookie years, let alone a fifth-rounder. Don’t expect a monster year from Gray, but if something were to happen to Kelce, then Gray may instantly become a top option at TE in fantasy.

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