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Will The Warriors Pull Off This Miracle Task?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Will Golden State be able to pull off a 2-0 comeback?

The Warriors have been inconsistent for the entire season, and they have been in the playoffs as well. Golden State ranked as a top home team in the NBA while finishing as the worst road team in the NBA. The Warriors had one round win against an above .500 team the whole year. Regardless, the Warriors still made the playoffs, and they seem to be in a very exciting one. The Kings are the best offense in the NBA, and they have taken a commanding 2-0 lead against the Warriors.

Recapping Game Three

In a must-win game, Golden State came roaring back and blew the Kings out by 17 points, without Draymond Green. Steph Curry led the charge with 36 points, followed by an efficient 20 by Wiggins and 16 by Poole. The Warriors flashed their ability as a team against the Kings and proved that they are still alive in the series.

The Warriors were without their two best defenders in Gary Payton ll and Draymond Green. Golden State, as mentioned before, has been a top home team in the NBA, so in a much-needed win again they should win on Sunday. The Warriors can’t be counted out of a series, especially given their previous playoff experience, and the Kings don’t have any experienced champion besides Harrison Barnes.

After being down 2-0, the first time in Steph Curry’s future, the Warriors are one home win away from tying it up. The question now is will the Warriors be able to pull off a major upset and beat the Kings?

It is very possible. De’aaron Fox has been terrific this entire series, and he dropped 26 points in a loss. However, it is the rest of the Kings’ team that cannot be trusted. Sabonis had his worst shooting game of the season in game one going 5-17.

However, Sabonis is mainly an assist player. With Sabonis not necessarily being a scorer, Kevin Huerter struggling to find his stroke hitting 3 threes combined in three games, and Keegan Muray, leading rookies in three-pointers made, hitting one three in three games, it doesn’t seem encouraging.

Can The Warriors Take Over The Series?

With Golden State clicking at the right time it is very possible they can take over the series. Somebody on the Kings will need to step up as a consistent secondary scorer to Fox. Currently, without Fox, the Kings are struggling to produce points. If this continues, the Warriors could advance very well. With the Lakers still being unproven due to them not playing healthy elite teams, and the Grizzlies being injured, the West is wide open.


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