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Will The Raiders Finally Nut Up Or Shut Up This Year?

The Raiders an origination that has seen plenty of seasons in turmoil and glory, is in what I like to call a make-or-break season. In this four-part article, I'll be diving into four teams on why I think this is a make-or-break season for them this week the silver and black.

Why Josh Why?

Josh McDaniel's first season back to head coaching was filled with more questions than answers. The Raiders the season before the hiring of Josh Mcdaniels were in a sticky situation, with the resignation of Jon Gruden just five games into the season, the release of Henry Ruggs a receiver who was starting to live up to his first selection just seven games into the season and let's not forget about the Damon Arnette release either. To sum it all up the Raiders were a roller coaster on fire, despite all that Dereck Carr and interim head coach Rich Bisaccia were able to salvage the season and sneak into the playoffs. The following offseason the Raiders brought in Josh McDaniels to be their next head coach the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots for many years winning plenty of super bowls and learning under head coach Bill Belichick the hire seemed perfect for the Raiders. Along with the arrival of Devante Adams for the cost of a 2022 first and second-round pick everything seemed like it was all pointing to a chance to start competing for super bowl titles, not just division titles.

The Raiders in the 2022 season were a letdown right from the start, the passing game was somewhat of a letdown despite the addition of Devante Adams on offense who was also Dereck Carr's teammate in college, a trend that seems to be happening more and more every year. While Devante Adams's stats were his normal numbers 100 catches, over 1,500 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns it still wasn't enough to get the passing game going Hunter Henfrow was a massive let down, granted injuries cost him to miss seven games he just wasn't the same player he was the year prior. The defense was also one of the worst in the league last year aside from Maxx Crosby nobody else really stood out even Chandler Jones had a down year that or old age is catching up to him which if that's the case then the Raiders overpaid for a washed-up pass rusher. With the defense managing just 27 sacks and 6 interceptions along with giving up over 2,000 yards rushing the season was lost and the Raiders ended the year going six and eleven under Josh McDaniels. Even though the year prior they went ten and seven along with making the playoffs in a drama-filled season.

Boys And Men

Despite what I've said so far not all is lost from last season with the Raiders. Josh Jacobs coming back from injury had his best career rushing for over 1,600 yards and 12 touchdowns, the offensive line played fairly well despite not having any household names besides maybe Kolton Miller a first-round pick during the 2018 draft. Max Crosby was another one that stood out last year racking up 12.5 sacks after signing a massive four-year 94-million-dollar contract in the 2022 offseason. With that said the Raiders have some promise going into the 2023 offseason and needed to focus on building around that after releasing Dereck Carr the Raiders brought in Jimmy Garoppolo to replace him along with other guys like receiver Jakobi Meyers and offensive tackle Jermaine Eluemunor to help on the offensive, while drafting players like edge rusher Tyree Wilson and tight end Michael Mayer will also help with how well both played in college. Hopefully, Hunter Renfrow can bounce back after last season and stay healthy with all that said it shouldn't be too hard for Josh McDaniels to get the Raiders back to playoffs as long as the injury gods are on their side.

This is the year for the Raiders to either nut up or shut up where the boys become men and the men turn into boys for the silver and black. This is do or die for Josh McDaniels despite it just being his second season coaching for the Raiders, with all the offseason additions it's possible to have a winning season the pieces are there McDaniels just has to use them right and hope the Chiefs have a down year. While his talent to coach offense is true, I don't know if he can lead a team, history will tell us the answer is no with his time in Denver coaching the Broncos from 2009-2010 on that note it also feels like the Raiders are slowly turning into that team from long ago with recent reports of how McDaniels has been handling certain situations this offseason. There is only one thing I do honestly know and that is this year is make or break for Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders.


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