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Will The Patriots Have A 1,000 Yard Receiver In 2022?

The Patriots did not have a receiver last year with 1,000 yards or more, which is typically the mark for a good season at the position. Even worse, the Patriots went all season without a receiver having a 100-yard game. We know that the Patriots like to spread the ball around but that is a bit concerning. Someone needs to step up and lead this group if they want to make another SuperBowl run. The question is who.

DeVante Parker

The Patriots add the former first-round pick via trade with the division-rival Dolphins. This was a cap move for the Dolphins after bringing in Tyreek Hill from the Chiefs. The Patriots win all the way around here. They gain a true deep threat receiver and only cost a third-round 2023 pick.

Parker is coming off a lackluster season that was plagued with a hamstring injury. This is the only red flag here. The questions are how well will he bounce back and will his downfield speed still be there. On the bright side, Parker has had a 1,200 receiving yard season in the past.

It’s fair to say that he knows what it takes to be the leader this Patriots core needs. As a bonus, Parker has also worked with younger QBs in Tua and Rosen. This will be helpful in the chemistry and growth of Mac Jones. I believe that Parker will be the first Patriots receiver to break the 1K yard mark since Julien Edelman in 2019.

Jakobi Meyers

The QB converted receiver has led the Patriots in the past two seasons, This is not much to boast about with both years being less than 1,000 yards. The Patriots placed a second-round tender on Meyers which gives him another chance to eclipse this mark. As an undrafted free agent in 2019, the expectations were never all too high for Meyers.

Looking forward, Meyers will likely draw less pressure from the defense as the team’s number two receiver behind DeVante Parker. This will lower the stress and increase his opportunity. I don’t expect Meyers to lead the team again this year, but his success is key for a playoff run.

Kendrick Bourne

Kendrick Bourne will enter his second year with the Patriots as the third receiver on the depth chart. For Bourne, this is all good news. He will have another year within the difficult offense and serve as the Patriot’s slot receiver. 2021 was Bourne’s best year in yardage as he finishes with 800 for the season. After having a decent year personally, I believe Bourne will thrive in 2022 filling the needed role.

Bourne serves as another hard-working third-tier receiver. As we have seen year over year with the patriots it’s all about doing your job. Don’t expect Bourne to blow you away on the stat lines. If he can be constant and available every week, he will put the Patriots in a position to win.

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Kendrick Bourne Patriots Wide Receiver

Depth at Wide Reciever

Outside of the three receivers I have named there are another three I expect the patriots to utilize all season. Spoiler alert, N’keal Harry is not one of them. My prediction is he will be traded prior to the end of the draft. A likely landing spot is with the eight other former Patriots in Houston. If the Patriots can get back a fourth or fifth-round pick they would be happy to move on.

Nelson Agholor will serve as a decent rotational receiver. I have little to no expectations for Agholor outside of being healthy. If he stays healthy he will be doing his job and fill in when needed.

The real wild card comes in with a pair of dual position receivers. Ty Montgomery joins via free agency and is listed as a receiver. This is notable because of Montgomery’s previous use as a running back. The Patriots will look to use him as their discount Deebo.

Do I think Montgomery will have a season-changing impact for the Patriots? No, I don’t. But I do think this is one more wrinkle teams will have to plan for this year and can be enough to them an edge.

The second dual position player is rookie D’Eriq King. King has played both quarterback and receiver at Miami. Sound Familiar? The Patriots have been led in receiving yards for four consecutive years by a converted quarterback (Edelman & Meyers). King is an older rookie at 25 and has an injuries history. I believe King can be a great fit if he falls into the later rounds or even undrafted.

Miami wide receiver-quarterback D’Eriq King drawing interest from NFL teams for his versatility

Receiving Outlook

This group of receivers should excite every Patriots fan. Not by name or even stats, but in possibilities alone. I think overall the Patriots will be a middle-of-the-road team when it comes to total output from receivers and will still be run first this season. I do believe that they will improve on last year and have a 1000 yard receiver again. With an improvement in this group and a healthy season, a 1000 yard receiver will lead to the deep playoff run we are all expecting.

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