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Will The Mets Move On From Their Three-Time All-Star?

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reported this past Sunday that the Mets are expected to move on from first baseman Pete Alonso by trading him away this winter.

Nightengale said New York had informed teams that anyone who isn’t under contract after the 2024 season will be made available and Alonso falls into that category.

One NL GM said, according to Nightengale, “The fact that they had every opportunity to sign this guy, and didn’t, speaks volumes about his future.”

Alonso To The Brewers?

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic also reported earlier this month that the Milawaukee Brewers made a significant push to acquire Pete Alonso from the Mets at this year’s trade deadline.

However, Rosenthal noted that there were opposing opinions in regard to how close the deal was to being finalized.

“One Milwaukee source said the talks advanced to the point where the teams were within “field-goal range” of a trade. A Mets official disputed the characterization that a deal with the Brewers was within reach, saying the conversations never accelerated to that level. Other teams, including the Cubs, also spoke to the Mets about Alonso. But from the Mets’ perspective, no deal was ever close.”

Should The Mets Deal Alonso?

There’s absolutely no harm in listening to any potential trade offers, regardless of the player that they are for. If I were the Mets, moving on from Pete Alonso would not be considered a priority for me. Yes, he’s underperforming in terms of batting average this season, but his power numbers remain dominant and that kind of production cannot be overlooked.

If these reports are true, New York should set their price on what it would take to pry Alonso away from this organization. If whoever is calling is not prepared to meet those needs, then a deal should not get done, it’s as simple as that.

Pete Alonso is too much of an asset to the Mets for them to have to drop their price in negotiations just for the sake of getting a deal done. Set the bar high, but the idea of actually accepting a trade should not even be considered unless a team matches what you’re asking and/or comes in with a generous offer of their own.

The Mets selling at this year's trade deadline showed us that they are re-tooling for the future. With that being said, I believe Pete Alonso has proven that he should be a part of that future, rather than just being another piece that this organization chooses to move on from. Only time will tell if Alonso's days are numbered in New York, but I'm sure every Met fan will be keeping a close eye on the situation as we get closer to the offseason.


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