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The Rams Have An Opportunity To Cement Their Comeback In Style

Ever since the Rams moved to Los Angeles, their overall performance has gone up. The move has clearly accentuated their reputation. Not only did the Rams get a better stadium when they left Saint Louis which helped them build their reputation, they also got new ruthless teammates who helped them build their image.

They've found plenty of success of late, getting to two Super Bowls in the last six seasons, winning one of them. A year after a horrendous, injury-filled 2022 season, the Rams find themselves currently at 10-7, and two years after a title, they are back in the playoffs, and they will face the Detroit Lions this Sunday at Ford Field.

Why Did the Rams Move to Los Angeles?

In 1994, the Rams moved to Saint Louis after George Frontiere broke her lease at Anaheim Stadium in 1992. During their time in Saint Louis, the Rams racked up a number of embarrassing efforts. To make matters worse, there were 11 times when they didn’t make it to the postseason. The XXXIV Superbowl was the only victory the Rams had which was based solely on luck.

In an article made in 2014, Steven Gerwel, “quotes, The Rams are also the benefactors of extraordinary luck, mainly in the form of Black Lightning.”  The St. Louis Rams wanted a better stadium, but St. Louis couldn’t make it happen, so they broke their lease in 2016 and moved to Los Angeles. Former Fans from St. Louis are still upset at the Rams to this day.

What Adjustments The Rams Make With Their Team When They Moved To LA?

Since the Rams moved to Los Angeles, they traded some of their players. Jared Goff was offered a $27.9 million contract and an $18.6 million signing bonus. Goff was the starting quarterback against the Miami Dolphins in 2017. During the Rams game against the Miami Dolphins, Goff had three touchdowns and completed 20-30 passes. Temmarrick Hemingway is a tight-end receiver who was offered a 4-year contract of $2.4 million and a $1.5k signing bonus.

During 2016, his size, speed, and strength helped the Rams dominate until he broke his leg in 2017. The Los Angeles Rams released Hemingway in 2018. Even though Temmarrick Hemingway was released from his contract a year later, he still had the potential to play both defense and offense for Los Angeles and his dedication to the team helped them build their reputation.

The Los Angeles Rams Performance in Los Angeles.

Right now, the Rams currently have 10 wins and are advancing in the playoffs. Their game against the Detroit Lions was described as “the hottest NFL playoff game” with tickets that cost $450.00 on average, which is no surprise given the storyline surrounding this game, the Goff-Stafford trade. With the Los Angeles Rams Playing the Detroit Lions this weekend at Ford Field, their fans are looking forward to another great moment in Rams history.


The Rams had a rocky time in St. Louis, but they are already making a comeback in Los Angeles, and have a chance to further their legacy even more with a win this weekend.



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