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Will The Eagles Face Restrictions On Which Jersey They Can Wear In Week One?

On September 6, 2024, the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers will face off in São Paulo, Brazil, marking the NFL’s first-ever regular-season game in South America. As the designated home team, the Eagles have a choice to make: which jerseys will they wear?

They typically wear their midnight green, but social media posts have claimed that green is banned in the stadium. Otherwise, the Eagles could go with white or their black alternates.

The Eagles' Color Conundrum

Traditionally, the Eagles like to sport their iconic green jerseys, but there’s a twist. The game will take place at Corinthians Arena, home to the Brazilian soccer team Corinthians. And here’s where it gets interesting: green is customarily banned at this stadium. Why? Because it’s the color associated with Palmeiras, Corinthians’ rival soccer club. The intense rivalry between these two Brazilian teams means that green is a no-go within those stadium walls.

Recently, a claim circulated online that the NFL had forbidden both the Packers and Eagles from wearing green due to gang violence concerns. However, this claim turned out to be false. An NFL spokesperson clarified that the stadium’s ban on green applies only to Brazilian soccer matches. For the Packers-Eagles showdown, fans of both teams are free to proudly don their green jerseys.

Packers running back Josh Jacobs initially fueled the rumor mill during a podcast appearance. He suggested that wearing green in that part of Brazil might be unsafe, hinting at gang-related issues. But Jacobs later apologized, admitting he was misinformed. In reality, fans attending the game can safely wear their green gear without any worries.

A Historic Matchup:

So, when the Eagles step onto the field in São Paulo, they won’t be breaking any rules by donning their green jerseys. It’s a historic moment for the NFL, and fans from both teams can celebrate in style. Whether you’re cheering for the Eagles or the Packers, fans can wear their green with pride.

In conclusion, the Eagles won’t face any jersey restrictions in Brazil. The color green may be off-limits in Brazilian soccer rivalries, but on the NFL field, it’s game on! The first ever game in South American can't come soon enough.


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