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Will The Chiefs Play Overseas In 2023 With New Partnership?

All signs have pointed to the Chiefs playing a future regular season game overseas. However, this time, instead of traveling to London, they’d be punching a new country on their passport.

The Chiefs won’t be playing overseas this season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t see the team making a trip to Germany in the near future.

With the NFL continuing to make an effort to push more games abroad, the likelihood of any team playing a game outside the States has gone up exponentially in recent years. On top of that, we have received some subtle and not-so-subtle clues over the last several months that lead us to believe the Kansas City is a prime candidate to be one such team traveling internationally in 2023.

Where Does The Link Between The Chiefs And Germany Come From?

The Chiefs were already known for being an NFL team with a strong following in Germany, however, the real connection between the team and Deutschland came to form in December of 2021.

Back on December 15th of last year, the league announced that Kansas City would be one of four teams to have been awarded International Home Marketing Area (IHMA) in Germany; essentially allowing the organization to begin to sign local sponsorship deals, design German specific digital properties, begin paid advertisement campaigns, launch local merchandise sales, etc.

In essence, the team was granted the ability to treat the country of Germany as a home market. Here are a few handful of hints we’ve gathered in the last six months pointing to the Chiefs playing in Germany in the very near future.

There Were Rumors Ahead Of This Season That The Chiefs Would Pay In Germany

Although not confirmed, there was a report back in February that the team would face off against the Buccaneers this November from Germany. Obviously, this turned out not to be the case, but as this was reported before the un-retiring of Tom Brady there was some speculation as to whether the NFL might be unwilling to allow the premier matchup of Mahomes-Brady to be played overseas.

It should be noted, however, that the Buccaneers did indeed receive a game in Germany this season against the Seattle Seahawks that will be played on November 13th.

Over the last several years, the Chiefs and FC Bayern Munich have been building a strong public relationship together. Both clubs often making social media posts supporting and cheering on the others success throughout their respected seasons. Arrowhead Stadium was even set to play host to an International Champions Cup match back in 2019 between Bayern Munich and A.C. Milan before the game was forced to relocate to Children’s Mercy Park due to ongoing construction at Arrowhead.

Ganz stark! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, @Chiefs! 👏#SuperBowl — FC Bayern München (@FCBayern) February 3, 2020

The relationship between the two clubs points in heavy favor that Kansas City will eventually be playing in Bayern’s stadium in Munich once the trip is made to Germany. The team’s social media team even posted this teaser about American football being played in Munich back around the time of the previously mentioned leaked report.

American football is heading to Munich, and we couldn't be more excited! ⚽ 🤝 🏈@FCBayernUS | #ChiefsKingdom — Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) February 10, 2022

Just last week, Kansas City announced a new partnership with an international marketing agency, SPORTFIVE. The partnership will help the Chiefs in developing asset management, commercial sales, and international strategy in Germany. Here’s what Co-President of SPORTFIVE, Neil Glat, had to say about the new partnership:

“We’re proud to have been selected by the Kansas City Chiefs to help grow their fan base and business opportunities in Germany.” — “The Chiefs are an iconic franchise with one of the most exciting rosters in the sport, and this partnership is a great opportunity for us to utilize our expertise to help the Chiefs grow their tremendous brand and business globally.” via press release

SPORTFIVE, which have offices located in Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich will assist the Chiefs on their path to selling sponsorships and media in the country of Germany as the organization looks to further expand on their effort of getting their foot in the door of the German market.

Did A Chiefs Player Spill The Beans On Next Season’s International Trip?

There was recently an interview with Chiefs’ rookie cornerback Joshua Williams uploaded online in which the rookie stated that the Chiefs would be playing a game in Germany in 2023, although Williams said he was unsure of which city the game would be played in.

“There will be next year. You know, it’s gonna be played in Germany. I’m not sure which city but I’m excited. I’ve never been to Germany. I’ve got family and they said they loved it there. They said it’s beautiful, so I’m excited to go there and play a game.”

🇩🇪🏈 Interesting! Kansas City Chiefs 4th round pick, CB Joshua Williams (whose pick was announced at the NFL Draft by Oliver Bierhoff), tells Jakob Johnson's cousin Patrick in this youtube video that the Chiefs will play a NFL regular season game in Germany next year. — René Bugner (@RNBWCV) July 5, 2022

Although not confirmed or reported, Williams has no reason to make such a thing up and likely had received a tip-off from someone inside the organization with knowledge of the league’s plans for future games being played abroad.

Another interesting little tidbit to note is the interviewer of Williams in the video above is the cousin of current Raiders’ fullback, Jakob Johnson, who himself was born in Germany.

While we won’t know for sure if the Chiefs are making a trip to Germany likely until next year, based on all the information provided, I think it’s same to assume we will be getting one less game played in Arrowhead in 2023.

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