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Will Ohio State Make This New Horrendous Decision?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Ohio State has been a little underwhelming the last two seasons, including a playoff appearance last season. Ohio State has lost two games to their rivals the Michigan Wolverines, in the last two seasons, and it has been pretty embarrassing.

Current Ohio State head coach Ryan Day was under a lot of heat after he lost to Michigan for the second straight season. Many people were calling for his job, but after a great performance against Georgia in the playoffs where they were a missed field goal away from going to the championship game, many were happy with Day again.

Ohio State’s Tough Road

Now we turn to the 2023 season, and Ohio State does not have an easy road ahead. Usually, Buckeye’s schedule is easier than a cupcake, but this year is going to be rough. They host Penn State which will be very difficult and must go on the road to Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Michigan is the game we will circle for this. Ohio State has been stomped up and down the field against them the last two seasons, and that does not sit well with fans in Columbus.

You should have heard all the fans screaming for Day to be fired five seconds after Michigan planted its flag on Ohio State’s field last November.

Most Ohio State fans don’t know their ass from their elbow so it’s not a shocker that they would want a man who is 45-6 and has been to the playoffs three times and a championship game fired.

Why Firing Day Is A Terrible Idea?

I want all Buckeye fans to prepare for this. Just sit back for a second, close your eyes, and picture this. On November 25th, 2023, Ohio State travels to Ann Arbor to face Michigan. Michigan running backs Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards have about 200 rushing yards between them, and they are running all over the Buckeye’s defense.

What is going to be the first thing you hear when Ohio State loses three years in a row to Michigan oh that’s right fire Ryan Day. Of course, everyone in the scarlet and gray will be crying for some coach to come to save them like Mike Vrabel, who has a great job with the Tennessee Titans, and it seems like he wants nothing to do with college football.

We can keep living in fantasy land and bringing up all these names that won’t come to Ohio State or you can realize that Day is still the perfect man for the job. Ohio State made the playoffs last season while losing to Michigan, and that was with only four teams getting in. Do you think after next season when they allow 12 teams Ohio State won’t be in the mix every season?

Let me tell you something, the Buckeyes will be in the 12-team playoffs almost every single season. They could lose every single season to Michigan and make the playoffs, and Day will not get fired.

Day is one of the best offensive minds in the sport, and he is always going to have his team in the top 10 every single season. You can fire Day, but you will just have to live with the results when you hire someone who is worse than him and is going to the toilet bowl every single season.

College Football is not about beating your rivals anymore. It’s awesome to beat your rival, but at the end of the day it’s about competing for titles and Day is always going to have this team in a position to do that.


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