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Will Miles Sanders Make The Pro Bowl In 2022?

The 2022 NFL season is finally upon us, so get your tickets purchased and have your stomachs ready for a hot dog and cold beverage at the Linc. The City of Brotherly Love once again gets to say “Eagles Football,” in Philadelphia. Anticipation for the season to start is a combination of excitement and impatience.

With the Eagles becoming a run first team, all eyes will be on the running back position. Mainly on head running back, Miles Sanders. The Eagles have created a surrounding cast to help benefit the running game. Now going into his fourth season, will Miles Sanders make the Pro Bowl?

The Good

Whether it’s the explosive elusiveness, or the elite speed, Sanders’ has shown he can be an impactful threat to anyone not donning the midnight green. In his first three seasons, Sanders’ has a total of 480 rushing attempts for 2,439 yards, 104 receptions for 864 yards, and a combined 12 touchdowns. Sanders averages an incredible 5.1 yards per rush attempt and 8.3 yards per completion.

During his rookie campaign in 2019, Sanders had the dual threat capability as a runner and pass-catcher. However, his pass-catching has significantly dropped over the last two seasons. In 2019, Sanders had 50 completions for 509 yards, but during the last two seasons he had a combined total of 54 completions for 355 yards. It seems that the Eagles want to focus more on Sanders running the ball.

The Bad

What could potentially hurt Sanders’ chances at making the pro bowl is his recent lack of availability. Other than his rookie campaign, Sanders has yet to play a full season. Sanders’ has only completed 12 games in back to back seasons. Unfortunately the young back has dealt with a riddle of injuries during the 2020 and 2021 season. The injures that Sanders’ has sustained over the last two seasons include:

  1. Aug 19, 2020 – Thigh Hamstring Grade II

  2. Oct 18, 2020 – Knee Patella Sprain

  3. Dec 31, 2020 – Knee Patella Sprain

  4. Jan 25, 2021 – Knee MCL Sprain Grade II

  5. Oct 24, 2021 – Pedal Ankle Sprain Grade II

  6. Nov 28, 2021 – Pedal Ankle Sprain/Pull Unspecified Grade I

  7. Dec 5, 2021 – Pedal Ankle Sprain/Pull Unspecified Grade I

  8. Dec 26, 2021 – Hand Metacarpal Fracture

Sanders gave a little insight about his injuries during a recent interview with John Clark of NBC Sports.

“I’m going to be honest, there’s a lot of injuries in this sport that you can’t control. It’s a very physical sport,” Sanders expressed to Clark. “Like a broken hand, you cannot control that. It happens. Ankles and stuff like that, that’s on me.”

“But being healthy is… it’s going to get better. I can say that. A lot of stuff goes into playing this sport. Everybody does not stay healthy (the whole season). It’s just trying to stay healthy all throughout the year. You got to do your best. Got to be consistent with what you do every day.”

The Potential

One thing that will benefit Sanders if he stays healthy, is the Eagles offensive play scheme. Over countless years the Eagles have been a pass-happy team and have lacked commitment to the run game. However, half way though the 2021 season, the Eagles finally listened to what the fans have been begging for: Run the ball.

“I think you see it many different ways throughout the NFL of how teams get it done,” Sirianni said at the NFL owners’ meetings. “You can be a top-ranked run team. You can be a top-ranked pass team. The main stats that we’re always focused on are, ‘Did we win the explosive-play battle and did we win the turnover battle?'”

The Eagles were the most efficient and effective rushing attack throughout the 2021 season, averaging a highly impressive 159.7 rushing yards per contest. The Eagles completed the season with a total of 2,715 rushing yards, solidifying their title as the number one rushing team in the NFL.

Seems the Eagles will want to carry over their rushing success from last season. With Sandersbeing the number one back in Philadelphia, could he be poised to have a breakout season? Will Miles Sanders make the pro bowl in 2022?

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