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Why You Should Remain Optimistic About The Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals have not looked great throughout the first two games by any means. They lost both games on last-second field goals, and the overall communication of the offensive line has not seemed much improved.

However, it takes time for an offensive line to sync, especially if you have four new linemen who just joined the team this season. The play-calling by Zac Taylor has been scrutinized so far, and at times it is very conservative, but we have to realize that it is hard to run long developing plays when your offensive line cannot maintain a clean pocket for more than 2-3 seconds.

It is not always the offensive line either; sometimes, it falls on the shoulders of Joe Burrow due to trying to create a play that may or may not be there, and then he takes a sack, but it all starts up front in the trenches.

Cincinnati’s most significant issue is the lack of motivation and preparation they start the game with. This is dating back to all of last season. This isn’t a new occurrence. For some reason, the Cincinnati Bengals open up games very sloppy and slow.

Cincinnati trailed 17-6 at half to the Pittsburgh Steelers and 17-3 to the Dallas Cowboys at the half and tied both games in the second half but ultimately lost. The Bengals have outscored both opponents in the second half, 28-6. That is a wide and impressive margin, but they need to fix the issue of only showing up for two quarters.

They must find a way to come out roaring and play a complete game. If they do that, they are probably a 2-0 team right now, which is why it is not time to panic if you are a Cincinnati Bengals fan.

The Bengals head to MetLife Stadium to take on the New York Jets this week, who are coming off a miraculous comeback win against the Cleveland Browns. Cincinnati will need to come out stronger out of the gate, and they will need to shake up their playbook and be dynamic by putting Joe Burrow in positions not to be hit every other play. They need to keep him upright to be successful.

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