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Why This Patriots’ Player’s Role Is Perfect Heading Into 2022

The Patriots have acquired multiple wide receivers since Tom Brady left. Is this Patriots’ receiver in a great position to breakout in 2022?

The wide receiver room has been far from perfect since 2019. Their receiver room has been a work in progress, and It is starting to feel like the Patriots finally were able to fix their problem. Using the free agency, drafting a speedy receiver in the draft, and a trade with a rival, the receiving core is in a good spot for 2022. Here’s why Kendrick Bourne is in the perfect situation heading into 2022.

Perfect Amount Of Defensive Attention

The Patriots lacked a true number one receiver in 2021, which was very visible. There were times the offense was stagnant. Their leading receiver Jakobi Meyers had 866 yards. This shows the passing game has to be better. If the run game wasn’t able to be productive, the Patriots would have a very poor showing on offense. While Kendrick Bourne is a suitable receiver, ideally, he isn’t a number one receiver; he’s a number two or three receiver. Bourne hauled in 55 receptions for 800 yards. There’s a lot of room to improve from there.

With the addition of Devante Parker, Bourne is in a perfect situation. Defenses won’t key in on him. Devante Parker has had a great training camp, and his chemistry with Mac Jones looks on point. Parker emerging as a favorite target for Mac Jones frees attention for the other receivers. The one year, Parker was able to be healthy. He recorded 1202 yards in 2019. Kendrick Bourne has shown that he can be a playmaker they need, and he’s certainly in a great position for 2022. Bourne facing the defense’s second-best corner on a typical basis will be very beneficial.

Patriots Can Build Continuity

Building continuity is very tough in the NFL. Teams constantly try to upgrade at quarterback, and good chemistry is complicated. In New England case, this is a perfect opportunity. Mac Jones had a terrific rookie year, and he was able to build good chemistry with Kendrick Bourne. The Patriots’ offense looked very conservative in 2021, and seeing the Patriots get chunk plays seemed rare. Bourne received 70 targets in 2021. With a developing quarterback, his targets in an overall season should see an increase.

Devante Parker is the true number one receiver the Patriots need, Jakobi is a very reliable receiver, and they have two deep threats with Nelson Agholor and Tyquan Thornton. These players open up the field, allowing Bourne to thrive as a secondary option. Mac Jones to Kendrick Bourne was one of the best connections the Patriots had. According to PFF, Bourne & Mac was the NFL’s third-best quarterback-receiver connection. In the Wild Card game, Bourne was the one positive. Get Bourne the ball more in 2022.

Potential To Be Better For The Patriots

While Kendrick Bourne is 26, he hasn’t hit his ceiling yet. Bourne has lots of untapped potential; he just needed a team that gave him a larger role. When he was on the 49ers, they had multiple other receiving threats that were ahead of him. Then, Kendrick Bourne broke out with the Patriots. As mentioned, Bourne’s production has a good chance of increasing. Bourne’s game can reach another level with significantly less defensive attention, along with Mac Jones’ development.


Bill Belichick is known to place players in roles that are perfect for them. Many players have career years with the Patriots because they know how to develop talent and make schemes that hide players’ deficiencies while showcasing their strengths. The Patriots eagerly signed Kendrick Bourne, likely with the thought he had another gear his game could reach. The Patriots may have finally solved the receiving problem they have had for three years now.

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Do you think Kendrick Bourne is in the perfect role for him in 2022? Could you see Kendrick Bourne becoming the Patriots’ number one receiver?

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