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Why The Texans Will Defeat The Ravens This Saturday

In a remarkable 45-14 win over the Cleveland Browns last weekend, the Houston Texans have surpassed expectations, securing their spot in the highly competitive Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Now, the Texans find themselves on the brink of a Super Bowl birth if they can defeat the number one-seeded Baltimore Ravens. As anticipation builds for this playoff clash, let's delve into my audacious prediction for the Texans, who are eagerly gearing up for the showdown against the Ravens.

Houston Has Already Made History This Season

Houston has etched its name in history, achieving a rare feat as only the third team since 1950 to clinch a postseason victory with both a rookie quarterback and head coach at the helm. Joining the esteemed company of the 2008 Ravens and the 2009 New York Jets, the Texans have solidified their place in NFL history. CJ Stroud, the stellar second-overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and most probable Rookie of the Year Candidate, orchestrated a masterful performance in the face of the Cleveland Browns. Displaying remarkable poise for a rookie, Stroud threw for an impressive 274 yards and three touchdowns against what was said to be the best defense in the AFC.

What sets Stroud apart is not only his postseason triumph but also the record he set as the youngest quarterback in league history to secure a playoff win, achieving this milestone at just 22 years and 102 days old. The regular season showcased his prowess, as he ranked eighth in the NFL with an impressive 4,108 passing yards. Particularly noteworthy is Stroud's exceptional performance against teams with winning records, marked by 21 touchdown passes and a mere two interceptions. This statistical prowess highlights his ability to thrive under pressure, cementing his status as a rising star in the league.

This Weekend

The Houston Texans find themselves navigating uncharted territory, surpassing expectations and setting the stage for an electrifying Divisional Round showdown with the Baltimore Ravens. CJ Stroud's outstanding playoff debut not only secured a momentous victory but also hinted at a promising future for the Texans' young and dynamic quarterback. Despite the formidable challenge posed by Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, the Texans can derive confidence from their arsenal of offensive play-makers, featuring Devin Singletary and Nico Collins.

As the Texans prepare for the heightened intensity of the divisional match-up, their demonstrated resilience and newfound success in the playoffs suggest that they transcend the label of mere underdogs. They emerge as a team on a mission, poised to make a lasting impact on the NFL postseason landscape. The upcoming Divisional Round promises not only high stakes and intense competition but also the opportunity for the Texans to extend their remarkable journey and carve out a memorable chapter in their playoff history.

Stroud and the Texans are flourishing within a meticulously crafted offensive strategy that lacks any real standout players. A key element bolstering their success is the presence of highly touted rookie Will Anderson Jr. While duplicating the previous week's standout interceptions might be a tall order, Stroud's adept game management, complemented by a formidable running game, lays the foundation for a compelling match-up against Baltimore in Week One. The well-schemed offensive approach provides the Texans with a solid framework for a competitive performance as they strive to navigate the challenges posed by the Ravens.

What Needs to Click for The Texans

Ultimately, the Texans are in a prime position to defeat Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. The Texans are coming off an impressive victory against the Browns —one in which essentially every "analyst" predicted the Browns would roll through Houston with a win. Once again, the Texans have an opportunity to prove the haters wrong and continue their historic season.

For the Texans to win at M&T Bank Stadium this Saturday, the defense will have to play another hot game. With J.K Dobbins still on the injured reserve, the defense should expect a pass-oriented game in which Lamar aims to utilize his receiving trio of Rashad Bateman, Zay Flowers, and Odell Beckham Jr. Despite those dangerous receivers; I have no worries that Stingley and the rest of the corners can get it done. If the defense can stop the pass threat —which they've been able to successfully do this season— and Stroud can get the offense rolling, the Texans will be heading to the divisional round. 

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