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Why The Pittsburgh Steelers Need To Go After This Former First Round Quarterback

Since the departure of franchise quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh Steelers are still trying to find an identity. Under the guidance of head coach Mike Tomlin, he has kept the team relevant despite some of the struggles. The Steelers have not had a losing record in two decades and have even made the playoffs three out of the past four seasons. However, this does not equal what the franchise strives to be. Pittsburgh has not won a Super Bowl since 2008 and have not won a playoff game since the 2016 season.

A new and dynamic quarterback could be the difference maker if the team can get him at the right price. Justin Fields, the promising first round pick out of Ohio State in 2021 for the Chicago Bears could potentially be moved before the draft. He has not had the success due to the pieces around him in Chicago, but Pittsburgh could be a better fit.

Why The Steelers Should Go After Him

While QB Kenny Pickett has shown potential, the addition of Fields could bring a new dynamic to the Steelers’ offense. Fields’ dual-threat capability as a passer and runner could open up new dimensions in the playbook, providing Pittsburgh with the kind of offensive versatility that’s increasingly valuable in today’s NFL. Fields displays athleticism and the ability to extend plays with his legs. His skill set could help in revitalizing an offense that has struggled to find consistency and explosiveness.

Fields was a two-time Big Ten offensive player of the year and a two-time quarterback of the year during his time with the Buckeyes. He also made First-Team All-Big Ten in back-to-back years, which just shows how dominant he was at the collegiate level. His best year was in 2019 where he passed for over 3,000, rushed for nearly 500 yards, had 51 total touchdowns, and led the team to a 13-1 record.

The Chicago Bears ultimately took Fields with the 11th overall pick in 2021. He struggled since he was picked by a bad team. He did not have a dominant offensive line, a strong running game, or weapons around him. After three years in the league, his record is only 10-28 and his 30 career interceptions nearly match his 40-career touchdown total. Fields has also taken a remarkable 135 sacks in only three years. A change of scenery could certainly help him.

Fields' struggles are mostly a product of what is around him and not necessarily because he is a bad player. His college days show that he could thrive in the right system. He would be an upgrade over what the team has in Kenny Picket and could potentially turn Pittsburgh's offense into one of the best in the league under new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. While the team would have to take a big risk, the reward could be worth it.


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