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Why The Patriots Trading This Dynamic Playmaker Would Be A Big Mistake

The Patriots are in an odd situation with Kendrick Bourne, and he’s reportedly on the trade block. Here’s why the Patriots need to keep him.

Heading into the 2021 off-season, New England significantly upgraded their wide receiver core. Signing deep threat Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne. New England signed Kendrick Bourne with the hope that he would have a breakout year, and he did. With a rookie quarterback in Mac Jones, Bourne recorded 55 receptions for 800 yards. With an average of 14.5 yards per reception. Bourne was the only dynamic playmaker the Patriots had on offense, and he had high expectations heading into the 2022 season.

With a more developed Mac Jones, Bourne was in line for another potential breakout. However, Matt Patricia has barely played Bourne. Bourne sees limited snaps, and so far six weeks in, Bourne has 11 catches for 156 yards. With Matt Patricia barely using Bourne, and Bourne wanting more opportunity, the Patriots could look to trade Kendrick Bourne, however that would be a big mistake. Here are three reasons why New England needs to keep him.

The Patriots Need Consistent Receivers

While the Patriots offense has been much improved in the past few weeks, they still clearly need Bourne. While at face value the Patriots receiving core has been playing well, that can quickly change. Tyquan Thornton is still a rookie, Devante Parker has been incredibly inconsistent so far, he’s had two great games so far, but he’s also had multiple games where he recorded less than 25 yards, and Agholor hasn’t been consistent either.

That just leaves one receiver in Jakobi Meyers. There were many instances in the 2021 season where New England’s offense was very stagnating, and that can also happen this season too. New England doesn’t have many dynamic players to begin with, so parting ways with Kendrick Bourne would be a big mistake.

In the very dynamic AFC, the Patriots need more playmakers, and Bourne is arguably their best playmaker. Bourne has the ability to produce big plays, and those are needed to keep up with the top teams in the AFC. Last year, Bourne was sometimes the only receiver who was productive. Most noticeably against the Bills in the Wild Card Game. No receiver was able to get separation, however Bourne had a terrific game. New England needs to integrate him into the offense.

Room For Growth

Bourne still has another gear he can hit in his game. He was constantly underutilized in San Francisco. The 49ers were a run-first team, with multiple talented receiving options above him. In 2021, that was the biggest opportunity Bourne got. If all of the Patriots’ receivers get similar playing time, Bourne is arguably the best receiver they have. Also, pairing him up with Devante Parker and Jakobi Meyers would help him a lot, because he won’t receive the majority of defensive attention. Matt Patricia integrating Kendrick Bourne into the offense more can be the key to unlocking the Patriots’ offense, a unit that has been struggling for multiple seasons now.

Won’t Receive Much In A Trade

While Bourne has been very productive for the Patriots, they likely won’t receive much for him in a trade. While he did have a breakout season last year, it’s not to the point where the Patriots will receive a first round pick for him, or even a second round pick. Kendrick Bourne’s current value is around a third round pick, which isn’t enough. Trading a dynamic playmaker like Bourne away for a third rounder, or potentially worse would be a big mistake, and they may not have a solution on offense is the receivers aren’t able to get separation.

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