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Why The Houston Texans Are A Top Landing Spot For NFL Free Agents

Last week, the NFL PA released “report cards” for all 32 NFL teams, with grades determined from surveying 1300 players. The cards graded each team on a number of day-to-day operations including training, facilities, nutrition, and travel. Perhaps one of the biggest surprises on the list was the Houston Texans, who earned a fourth-place ranking out of the entire league.

The Dysfunctional Texans Are A Top Five NFL Team?

Widely touted as the most dysfunctional team in the league for the last few years, the Texans’ high ranking may surprise many NFL fans. However, a look into the details of this report card prove that while on-field play may have been lackluster, Houston has what it needs off the field to be competitive in the future. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. The Texans earned a B+ (tied for fifth) ranking in support of player families with a team daycare across the street from NRG

  2. Houston also gained a B+ (tied for eight) in the quality of food with all three meals being provided

  3. The Texans boast an A (tied for fifth) for their weight room and an A (tied for tenth) for their strength coaches with players feeling that the coaches “significantly add to their success”

  4. NRG’s training room comes in at a B (tied for eight) with a major complaint being no sauna or steam room is available for use

  5. Houston’s training staff deserves a huge shoutout for their A+ (tied for first) rating as they go “above and beyond” to support players

  6. Houston’s brand-new locker room was given a B+ (tied for tenth)

  7. The Texans have the best team travel in the league with no roommates, first-class seats, and no hotel mandates for veterans being top benefits

Clearly, the McNairs have made plenty of investments in their staff and facilities, paving the way for players to always be at the top of their game.

The Texans Have The Right People In Place

So, how did Houston manage a ranking so high despite many organizational headaches in recent years? Well, speaking of the McNairs, a big reason has been Cal McNair spending the last year to finally get the right people in the building.

His biggest success in this department came when he fired Jack Eaterby in October of 2022. Easterby is quite possibly solely responsible for the Texans’ disastrous downfall since 2019. He is said to have allegedly influenced former head coach and GM Bill O’Brien’s terrible trade decisions (Larmey Tunsil and DeAndre Hopkins), mistreated and even acted racist to a number of players, and potentially even aided Deshaun Watson in setting up “massage sessions” at the Texans’ team hotel. In short, Easterby’s departure was long overdue as he created a terrible culture in Houston both on and off the field. His firing has allowed Cal McNair to finally retake control of the organization from a clueless religious guru.

And perhaps the biggest addition to the Texans’ franchise in the last year has been this new version of Cal McNair who has actually started to do his job as an NFL Owner. Cal was put in a tough spot after the passing of his father, Texans’ founder and CEO Bob McNair, as he was thrust into a position he was woefully underprepared for. However, after a few years of trial and plenty of error, it appears as though he finally knows what he is doing.

Cal has continued to get the right people in place by hiring a smart GM in Nick Cesario and fan-favorite head coach DeMeco Ryans. That is another area McNair has begun to shine in, as he is finally listening to the fans for the first time in years. Now armed with a competent owner, a strong GM-Head Coach duo, and fans on their side again, the Texans should be able to take full advantage of the optimal staff and facilities already in place and build a culture of success for years to come.

The Texans Boast A Bright Future

Overall, Houston appears to be completely transforming its identity in every aspect of their operations. New GM. New coaching staff. New star players. New locker room. New uniforms. New everything, and out with the same old Texans the city has known for the last two decades. Through these exciting changes, Houston is doing its best to show not only fans but the entire league that things will be different. The NFL PA report card is just a small indication of the massive culture change going on in South Texas. And, with an abundance of cash to spend in free agency, don’t be surprised if a number of big names choose Houston as their preferred landing spot.



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