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Why The Green Bay Packers Won The Aaron Rodgers Trade

It has finally happened. Aaron Rodgers, future hall-of-fame quarterback, and legendary football player, has been traded from the Green Bay Packers after spending his entire career in Wisconsin since 2005. This trade has been speculated for months now after Rodgers admitted he wanted to play for the New York Jets and now the deal is official.

While contract details have not been revealed, it is expected the Packers will shave a hefty amount of the 50+ million dollar contract he signed last year to stay in the green and gold. In return, Green Bay gets some better picks in the next two drafts including possibly a first-round pick next season, if conditions are met.

Trade Details

Packers trade: Aaron Rodgers, 2023 first-round pick (15), 2023 fifth-round pick (170).

Jets trade: 2023 first-round pick (13), 2023 second-round pick (42), 2023 sixth-round pick (207), and a 2024 second-round pick (1st if Rodgers plays 65% of the snaps for NY)

What The Packers Get

Despite receiving reports throughout the week that it was hard for the Packers to get more than a second, they pick two spots higher this season and likely pick twice in next year’s first round in the 2024 draft in Detroit. Green Bay gets 11 picks to play with later this weekend in the draft. This can include new weapons and support for new starting quarterback Jordan Love, who was drafted in the first round in 2020 and has sat behind Rodgers for three years, just like the latter did under Brett Favre.

What The Jets Get

The Jets now have a future hall-of-fame and four-time MVP in Aaron Rodgers and their best quarterback in almost 60 years. Their Super Bowl window is now open and they have an elite roster to pair with Rodgers. This will be his first season ever throwing to a receiver drafted in the first round, as he can target last season’s Offensive Rookie of the Year in Garrett Wilson or former first-round pick Corey Davis. He also gets a familiar face in Allen Lazard, the Packers’ number-one receiver last season.

Why The Packers Won

Green Bay gets to start its rebuild with more salary cap, more draft picks, and to see how Jordan Love fares out in his first season as a starter. He impressed against Philadelphia Eagles, filling in for Rodgers during a blowout. Now, the Packers get a bigger return for a player who was 90% retiring before his darkness retreat earlier this offseason.

In the end, this could be a win for both teams, but only time will tell. It’s a new era in Green Bay, and some fans were ready to move on. Now, it’s Love’s keys to the Packers’ offense, as he looks to follow in the footsteps of his mentor and arguably the greatest to ever don the green and gold.



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