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Why The Chiefs’ Quarterback Will Win 2022 NFL MVP

The Chiefs’ quarterback set the bar sky-high in his first NFL season as a starter. That season, Patrick Mahomes won the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award. Although he’s added a few more seasons with outstanding production, Mahomes has failed to reach that pinnacle again thus far. That should be expected to change next season. These are the reasons why he will win the MVP award for the second time in 2022:

Expectations For The Chiefs And Patrick Mahomes Have Been Reset

Next year will be the first season since 2018 that Mahomes is starting the season with realistic expectations. After he threw for 50 touchdowns and over 5,000 yards as a first-year starter, Mahomes has faced unbelievable expectations. For evidence of this, look no further than last season. Many around the NFL felt he had a down year, some even thought a lousy year. He passed for 4,839 yards, 37 touchdowns, a passer rating of 98.5, and 13 interceptions. Of course, he also won the AFC West and played in his fourth straight AFC Championship game. Yes, all of that was considered a bad year for Mahomes.

This year his expectations are different. Many on social media are already predicting the division is too hard and the Chiefs are in for a down year. That was before Tyreek Hill was traded to the Miami Dolphins. For years Mahomes haters have used his weapons as excuses to question his greatness. But now, without Hill, Mahomes will get to show what he can do without that perceived crutch.

If Mahomes can put up his usual numbers, the media will swoon over what he is doing with perceived lesser talent. If he wins the AFC West again after it is being hyped as the best division maybe in the history of the NFL, he will get love. The fact people are doubting Mahomes will be a major reason he wins the MVP award.

Las Vegas Still Lists The Chiefs And Mahomes As Favorites In 2022

No, you aren’t crazy, I just said he has lower expectations, and now I’m saying he’s a favorite to win according to Vegas. I promise you, it makes perfect sense, just keep reading.

Right now, the oddsmakers in Las Vegas list Mahomes as the second-most odds to win MVP. Josh Allen is the favorite (+700) with Mahomes (+800) and Aaron Rodgers (+800) right behind him. Just for fun, Travis Kelce comes in as the 61st favorite (+15,000). Vegas likes the Chiefs and Mahomes next season.

Awards like the MVP are a lot like rankings in College Football; if you want to end the year high it helps to start the year high. It is easier to keep a high ranking than it is to climb the rankings and the same goes for MVP. This is to say that it is important that Mahomes be in the conversation for MVP early, while it is also important that his expectations are lowered. It will be easier for him to shine brighter and thus move up that one spot compared to Josh Allen who has little chance to live up to his hype.

Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes Is Going to Put Up Big Numbers

While many are questioning the Chiefs’ offense without Hill, I think the Chiefs’ offense is going to have their best season yet. While they lost Hill, they have gotten better at every other point of the offense. The offense line has had a full season and off-season to become stronger together. Even without Hill, the wide receiver room as a whole is better this season. Juju Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Mecole Hardman, and Skyy Moore are a much better one through four.

Travis Kelce is the same, but a healthy Jody Fortson and more experienced Noah Gray can only be better. Even the running backs have gotten better with the addition of Ronald Jones II. It goes beyond players to the coaching staff and approach to the game as well. Matt Nagy has returned as a senior assistant and quarterback coach. Andy Reid will be taking back a lot of the play-calling duties and the team will be a lot more balanced.

No, I don’t think the Chiefs are going to start running the ball more. But I do think they will be more consistent with their play-calling and run the ball better when they do. This will open up the passing game which should be far more wide open without Mahomes’ tendency to lean on Hill. I think a few too many times last year Mahomes got too locked in on Hill and missed some open guys. This year, we’ll get back to seeing a Mahomes who finds the open man and will trust whoever that is. Interceptions will drop a lot while yards and touchdowns will be high as always.

This combination of being a favorite with low expectations who should put up huge numbers is a perfect recipe for Mahomes to win his second MVP award for the Chiefs next season.

Will Patrick Mahomes win his second career MVP Award next season? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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