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Why Monty Williams Benefits From Being Fired from Detroit Pistons

The Monty Williams era in Detroit has officially ended. Just one year removed from signing one of the richest contracts for a coach in NBA history, the Pistons have made the move to fire Monty Williams as the head coach.

Williams's first season with Detroit was an utter disaster. The Pistons finished with a 14-68 record and were easily the worst team in the NBA in the 2023/24 NBA season. With the record-setting 28-game losing streak, it was clear that Pistons had to make a change and it was at the head coaching position.

Let's be real, Monty Williams benefits from this move more than the Detroit Pistons. Have you seen the big buyout that this man is going to get as a result of this move? He's already getting 20 million dollars from the Phoenix Suns, and now he is getting an extra 65 MILLION DOLLARS in his buyout from the Detroit Pistons.

I am jealous of Monty Williams. He is getting paid by two NBA organizations to not coach for them. He legit doesn't have to work another day in his life if he so chooses with that amount of cash coming to him in the bank. He benefits alone economically with the Pistons firing him.

Monty Williams is also free from the mess known as the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons have been poorly built from the start and Monty had no chance with what he was given. Excluding Cade Cunningham and maybe Jalen Duren, this team is absolutely garbage and poorly run too.

I have a question that nobody is asking. Why the hell are the Detroit Pistons firing him with the NBA Draft not 7 days away? The offseason is about to begin, like hello, what are you guys doing? You're going to need a coach with a system in order to properly draft and develop players. Along with try to convince players to come play here.

If you were going to fire Monty Williams, then why the heck did you not do this immediately once the season ended? The Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers are way ahead of the Pistons in the coaching search, and they made the Playoffs.

The Pistons are in such a bad situation and while I'm not shocked that they fired Williams, the timing is such a headscratcher. With all the question marks the Pistons have, now another important question mark on who their head coach of the future is.

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