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Why Kyle Shanahan Made The Right Overtime Decision In The Super Bowl

There's an unlimited number of storylines coming out of Super Bowl 58, one of which was a crucial decision by the San Francisco 49ers going into overtime. Upon winning the coin toss, the 49ers chose to receive the ball to begin the overtime period.

Many people criticized the decision, citing that San Francisco would know what they needed to score when they first got the ball. With the new overtime rules, both teams are guaranteed a possession, so it'd be helpful to know how many points are needed to even up the score.

Regardless, the 49ers were looking at the long game. They trusted their offense to score a touchdown, and even if the Chiefs matched that, the 49ers offense would get the ball in a sudden death scenario.

Having the ball first gives you the chance to also have the ball third, which is a great situation. If the game was tied after both teams had the ball, Brock Purdy could lead a drive to win the game.

Not scoring a touchdown on the first drive was essentially a death sentence. Patrick Mahomes was undoubtedly destined to lead a touchdown drive and win the game.

In hindsight, there are so many plays that changed the tides in this game. Multiple fumbles and injuries to Dre Greenlaw and Deebo Samuel hindered the niners.

Nonetheless, Kansas City won the game and head coach Kyle Shanahan will be ridiculed for every decision he made in this Super Bowl. His decision to receive the ball at overtime was the right one, they just didn't execute like they needed to capitalize on it.



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