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Who Will Be This Year's NBA Champion?

The NBA regular season has concluded, and the playoffs are about to begin. With 16 teams fighting for the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, the big question is, which team has what it takes to win it all and become NBA champions? Here are my 2024 NBA Playoff Predictions.

Eastern Conference:

First Round

(1) Boston Celtics 4

(8) Miami Heat 1

No upset this year. The Celtics take care of business and send the Heat packing early this year.

(2) New York Knicks 3

(7) Philadelphia 76ers 4

The 76ers take it to seven games and pull off the upset in New York! The Knicks fall short in the playoffs early.

(3) Milwaukee Bucks 4

(6) Indiana Pacers 3

Despite losing Giannis, the Bucks handle business despite a tough fight from Indiana.

(4) Cleveland Cavaliers 4

(5) Orlando Magic 2

Cavaliers avoid the upset and take the series over a young Magic team with a bright future.

Second Round

(1) Boston Celtics 4

(4) Cleveland Cavaliers 2

The Celtics make it to the ECF, while the Cavs would have a decision to make within the front office.

(3) Milwaukee Bucks 4

(7) Philadelphia 76ers 3

The 76ers playoff run ends in seven games to the Bucks.

Eastern Conference Finals

(1) Boston Celtics 4

(3) Milwaukee Bucks 2

Boston heads back to the NBA Finals for the second time in the 2020s decade, while Milwaukee falls short once again.

Western Conference

First Round

(1) Oklahoma City Thunder 4

(8) New Orleans Pelicans 1

The Thunder are a young team but easily take down the Pelicans.

(2) Denver Nuggets 4

(7) Los Angeles Lakers 2

The Nuggets send LeBron James home early as the title defense continues.

(3) Minnesota Timberwolves 3

(6) Phoenix Suns 4

Phoenix takes a long and competitive series in seven games.

(4) Los Angeles Clippers 2

(5) Dallas Mavericks 4

Dallas takes the series against the Clippers in six.

Second Round

(1) Oklahoma City Thunder 3

(5) Dallas Mavericks 4

Luka Doncic is the X-Factor that fuels Dallas to a huge upset.

(2) Denver Nuggets 4

(6) Phoenix Suns 2

The title defense holds strong for the Nuggets as they hold off the Suns.

Western Conference Finals

(2) Denver Nuggets 3

(5) Dallas Mavericks 4

Hello there, Dallas! The Mavericks, a fifth seed, upset Denver and head to the NBA Finals for the first time in over a decade!

2024 NBA Finals

(1) Boston Celtics 2

(5) Dallas Mavericks 4

Reason: Although the Mavericks are the fifth seed, I believe this team has a chance to go all the way. In a very close West, Doncic can lead his squad to the team's first NBA championship in over a decade.

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