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Which Of These Two NBA Super Teams Will Win The East?

With the Bucks and Celtics looking like the clear favorites in the East, which team will have the edge in a matchup?

The Celtics and Bucks both had disappointing endings to their season. Milwaukee was bounced in the first round and the Celtics disappointingly lost game 7 of the conference finals. The Celtics responded by trading for Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday, the Bucks made their splash move by acquiring Damian Lillard. Both these teams are loaded and have realistic championship goals.

Celtics Have The Better Roster

The Bucks have the second-best player in the NBA in Giannis, but ultimately the Celtics' depth is what should give them an edge roster-wise against the Bucks. After the duo of Dame and Giannis, the Bucks started to lose scoring options. Khris Middleton has been aging and has had injury issues and Brook Lopez is a defensive presence more so a consistent scorer.

Jayson Tatum has been emerging as a true superstar in the NBA, and he's a consensus top-five player. Jaylen Brown has also been emerging as a superstar, and the gap between him and Dame isn't very large. After the star duos is where the Celtics can dominate Milwaukee.

The additions of Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis give the Celtics two all-star scoring options when needed. Porzingis is coming off a career year. Kristaps is an extremely efficient shooter, and playing with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown will get him very clean looks. A star talent like Kristaps Porzingis getting the defensive attention of a role player will allow him to thrive.

Jrue Holiday can be the X-Factor in this matchup. Holiday provides a complete offensive game, coming off averaging 19 points and seven assists. However, defense is where Holiday can make the biggest impact. The biggest problem with the Bucks last year was their perimeter defense. Teams would easily blow by their wings and get clean looks in the mid-range area. The Bucks traded away their best perimeter defensive player for Dame, becoming very dependent on the scoring of Giannis and Dame.

Overall Evaluation Of These East Coast Teams

Both these teams have a realistic chance of winning a championship, and they are both clear favorites in the East. The Celtics and Bucks are going to be a physical, long series that can go either way. But on paper currently, the Celtics do have the edge in the matchup.



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