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Which CFB Teams Can Still Make The Playoffs: Does Texas Have Hope?

The college football season is heating up, and as we get closer and closer to the playoffs we need to know who is still truly in contention. Multiple pivotal teams have already been eliminated, and a few surprises have unlikely but theoretically possible chances to make the final playoff with the four team format.

So without further ado, let's get into it.

The Georgia Bulldogs

The reigning two time champ is going back for a third, and they seem to have the talent to do it. Georgia got some flack for not having a tougher schedule, only facing one ranked opponent until November, but since facing these tougher teams they have dominated. The Bulldogs hosted #20 Kentucky and beat the brakes off them 51-13, hosted #12 Missouri and escaped with a 30-21 win, and this past week slapped #9 Ole Miss around winning 52-17. Georgia is a given being still undefeated, but have two tests remaining in the season. They'll visit #18 Tennessee on 11/18 looking to prove with a win on the road, and a set matchup against #8 Alabama in the SEC championship. Georgia is still here, and they are still a contender.

The Michigan Wolverines

First, stop playing the victims. You guys cheated. Suck it up, and win your games. Regardless, they managed to get a big win @ #10 Penn State in solid fashion without head coach Jim Harbaugh on the sideline. This team has faced no one this year, with Penn State being their first ranked opponent all year, but they get a chance to prove the doubters wrong with "The Game" when they host Ohio State on 11/25. If Michigan made the playoffs last year, and has won the B10 two years going. As long as they can block out the noise, they'll be a contender.

The Ohio State Buckeyes

The other side of "The Game" is the Ohio State Buckeyes. OSU has taken challenges in stride, winning on the road @ #9 Notre Dame, and beat #7 Penn State at home in an ugly defensive battle. The Buckeyes still have their biggest test of the year with Michigan on 11/25, but as of now are the #2 team int he country for a reason. Multiple ranked wins, loaded with talent, and a favorable schedule bodes well for OSU. All it comes down to is the Michigan game and the ensuing B10 championship game if they come out with the win. They have the talent to do it, it just comes down to how they pay at the big house.

The Florida State Seminoles

FSU has looked shaky, but innocent until proven guilty. This team has escaped a few challenges along the way, beating a #5 ranked LSU team to open the season, beating escaping Clemson in overtime, and beating #16 Duke comfortable 38-20. Due to them being in the ACC, and wide understanding of the ACC being the worst power five conference, they will have to remain undefeated to make the playoffs. They have easy matchups until the ACC championship where they are expected to face #9 Louisville. If they win that, we'll see FSU in the playoff.

The Oregon Ducks and Washington Huskies

These two are together because they are in the exact same situation. Unlike Michigan and Ohio State, the at large has a prayer if the committee goes their way, but these guys do not. They faced off once and Washington won the duel 36-33 and they will face off again in the Pac 12 championship. Both have heisman trophy candidates at quarterback, and if Oregon wins they'll have split the series. The winner should get in fairly easily, with Washington being undefeated conference champ and if Oregon were to win they'd have avenged their only loss this year. We should see one of these two teams in the playoffs this year.

The Texas Longhorns and Alabama Crimson Tide

These two are also together due to needing more to happen for them to make it. Texas can go undefeated for the remainder of the year and win the Big 12, but provided nothing insane happens they will likely be boxed out. They would need Oregon to beat Washington and the playoff committee to favor them over Oregon who (if they win) would likely have the heisman winner on their team. Alabama lost to Texas but if they manage to upset Georgia in the SEC championship, anything is possible. The committee LOVE Alabama, so I wouldn't be surprised. to see them make it. then again, they would need to win out against either OSU or Michigan and anyone else.


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