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Which Bills Player Will Have The Most Interceptions In 2022?

Last year the Bills’ secondary racked up an amazing number of picks, can they do it again? With the potential of this year’s pass rush, it’s a very strong possibility to see more.

The Buffalo Bills altogether had 19 interceptions last year. Of those over half were made by the best safety tandem in the league Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer. Both Hyde and Poyer were responsible for five picks with Hyde managing to turn one of those picks into a touchdown.

There’s no question that Buffalo’s secondary is stacked. Even with Tre’Davious White out for the first four weeks (at least), the Bills’ pass defense is stout. Veterans like Dane Jackson, Siran Neal, and Taron Johnson will all fill in for the injured White while rookies Christian Benford and Kaiir Elam learn fast on their feet. So out of the seven amazing players in the secondary who will get the most interceptions?

Bills Cornerbacks

Of the 19 interceptions last year only four were made by the Bills’ cornerbacks and two of those are from former Bills player Levi Wallace. Now to be fair part of the reason why Bills cornerbacks didn’t get a lot of picks is because opposing quarterbacks try to avoid throwing in their direction. Tre’Davious was one of the least targeted backs in the NFL last year. It’s safe to say if there’s a Bills cornerback within the vicinity of your wide receiver it’s a gamble whether the ball will get to him.

With White out on the PUP list, this year will be a little different. Teams will test our backups Jackson, Neal, and Johnson, and give Elam and Benford a lot of opportunities to show their worth. Out of all the cornerbacks on this team, I believe Johnson has the propensity for the most picks. Bills fans remember Johnson and his amazing pick-six that put the Ravens away in the 2020 playoffs. Not only was he the only other cornerback currently on the Bills roster besides White to get an interception last year but we know he’s a dynamic playmaker as well.

Bills Safeties

Poyer and Hyde are the best safety duo in the league. Last year with help from quarterbacks avoiding White the two safeties feasted on picks and both ended in the top ten. However, with White out of the picture, the pair may find fewer balls floating their way. That said Poyer is currently playing for pay, he wants a big contract extension, and the best way to get that is to prove you’re worth it. Expect Poyer to be playing ball hawk this season as he shows why he’s worth the money.

Hyde is an all-around stud, who since signing with the Bills in 2017, has 14 interceptions. Statistically, he just came off his best year in Buffalo, and while 31 years of age has shown he still has a lot left in the tank. Want proof? Look no further than Hyde’s immaculate interception during the wildcard game against the Patriots last year. Hyde recently signed an extension with the Bills this offseason, so he’s not worried about his place on the team but like every other player in the locker room, he’s hungry for the Super Bowl.

Who Will Get The Most Picks?

At the end of the day, it’s possible for any player in this team’s secondary to rack up interceptions. While White is out recuperating it will be interesting to see who of the Bills’ defensive backs will step up and take the charge. The addition of Von Miller will assuredly increase the propensity for quarterbacks to have to dump the ball quickly which means lots of opportunities for picks.

The two to look out for are the same two safeties who led the league last year in combined interceptions, Poyer and Hyde. Of those two I expect to see Jordan Poyer step it up and show Bills fans and the NFL why he’s worth an extension by leading the team in picks.

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